The Last Supper

The Last Supper

Where i spit truth, made of fire.....

You see tha powerful got nervous, Cause he refused to be their servant; 'Cause he spit truth, That shook heads and burned like black churches; Prose and verses, A million poor in hearses; Watch tha decision of Dred Scott as it reserves ; So long as tha rope is tight around Mumia's neck ; Let there be no rich white life , we bound to respect ; Cause and effect; Can't ya smell tha smoke in tha breeze??? My panther my brother we are at war until you're free!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anwar - The Truth

Part 1

Part 2

This is actually a 6 part documentary. You can check out all the 6 parts in Youtube by searching for 'Anwar Ibrahim - Foreign Correspondent'.

Anwar, the person we all have been waiting for. Watch this space!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots

The torment has ended
the beast has done his work
Great fires rage outside of this wooded sanctuary

But soon they will be quenched by a purifying rain
The embers of the ceremonial fire burn to ash

A new warmth stirs within the center of the earth
I am alone here no more

The wood is filled with the sounds of wildness
The songs of birds fill the forest on this new morning
This will be my new home
Deep within the most sacred grove
The sun god is born anew

I will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots of the deepest
hollow next to the streambed
The quiet hum of the earth's dreaming is my new song

When I awake, the world will be born anew

~I Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots by Wolves In The Throne Room.

One of the best songs I've heard. Inspiring, deep meaning and also my 'partner' when I'm alone.

P.S I have the song in my Imeem playlist above if you people want to check it out.
WARNING : It's black metal.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Change our lifestyle?

Can a family man with Salary RM3,000 survive in Malaysia?

Let's do some simple calculations here.

In Malaysia , the average family income is RM3,000 /month
(where father works, mother doesn't).

I understand there are many families whose
monthly income does not reach RM3,000,
but, to make things simple,
let's take RM3,000 as the figure. Ok lah, right?

Okay, let's start rolling with a family which has
Papa, Mama, 1 daughter and 1 son. Ngam-ngam ....

Calculation starts...

Electricity and water bill: RM100
- this one can be reduce to RM 60
(No air-con, No home theatre, No water heater ... ok?)

Phone bill ( Telekom): RM100
- this one can be reduce to using RM 60 streamyx combo

Meals for a happy family: RM775
- this is ok
(3 meals on RM25/day, RM25 for 4 persons...?)

Papa makan / teh-tarik during working hrs: RM155 -
teh tarik hot RM 1.50 + roti canai RM 1, one day RM3 Max, then is RM 93
(RM5/day, RM5 .. can eat what?)

Car repayment: RM400
- cant help
(A proton saga aeroback, 7 yrs repayment)

Petrol (living in city, traffic-jam): RM300
- cant help
(go to work, bring son to school,
only can afford one car running)

Insurance: RM650
- cant help
(kids, wife and myself)

House repayment: RM750
- cant help
(low cost housing repayment for 30 yrs,
retired still have to work to pay!)

Tuition: RM80
- cant help
(got that cheap meh? i don't think so)

Older children pocket money @ school: RM20
- cant help
(RM1/day, eat bread?)

School fees: RM30
- cant help
(enough ah?)

School books and etc: RM100
-government subsidize mah , RM0
(always got extra to pay in school)

Younger children milk powder: RM50
- this is ok
(cannot have the DHA, BHA, PHA one, expensive)

- this is ok
(shampoo, rice, sauce, toilet paper)

Oh wait!!! I have to stop here, so...
No Astro,
no movie @ cinema,
no DVD,
no CD,
no online,
cannot KFC,
cannot McDonald,
cannot go Park walk during weekend (petrol expensive),
no chit chat on phone with grandparents, and etc...

Let's use a calculator to total up... WALAO EH! Shit! RM3,610 already...

EPF belum potong, income tax lagi........oledi RM3,610 ....

How to survive lah tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian ???

Our Deputy Prime Minister asked us to change lifestyle?

How to change? Don't eat? Don't work? Don't send children to school and

Besides that, I believe in Malaysia population, there are millions of
rakyat Malaysia which still don't earn RM3,000/month!!!

What is this? Inilah Malaysia Boleh... Sorry ... it should be Malaysians
Boleh , because we're still alive and kicking!!

And you say you're trying your best to help the rakyat? Hahahaha! Biggest load of shit anyone could hear. Go on, buy another new house worth millions of our money. Have more stupid competitions like Monsoon Cup worth RM 400 million.

People shouldn't be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of the people! ~ Vendetta