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The Last Supper

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You see tha powerful got nervous, Cause he refused to be their servant; 'Cause he spit truth, That shook heads and burned like black churches; Prose and verses, A million poor in hearses; Watch tha decision of Dred Scott as it reserves ; So long as tha rope is tight around Mumia's neck ; Let there be no rich white life , we bound to respect ; Cause and effect; Can't ya smell tha smoke in tha breeze??? My panther my brother we are at war until you're free!!!


Friday, April 27, 2007

tag biatch!!

**Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in the blog of their own 6 weird thing as well as state the rules clearly. In the end you need to choose 6 ppl to be tagged and list their names. After you do that , leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

Shaffry will never leave me alone. I know we look alike brother, but don't la till you have to tag me. Haha. Anyway it's a good thing. At least i have something to be written. So here goes nothing.

6) I can win the league in Football Manager in 2 days.
Yeap. I'm a football freak. The more you call me that, the more i'll be proud of myself. I can play football manager for hours. I can start at 10 a.m and finish at 5 am. That's how addicted i am. My record is stated up there. Started after lunch time and finished 2 days after that. That's what i did during the weekend in Uniten. Was managing Parma. I love that team.

5) I sleep the whole morning and awake the whole night.
Yeah. I'll be awake until 6 am. When my mom gets up in the morning, then i'll be going to bed. And i get up at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Hunger wakes me up.

4) I admire revolutionaries and wish i could be like them.
As many of you people know, i admire people like Che Guevara for his ideas, Adolf Hitler for his words and Zack de la Rocha for his war against the greed. I also admire movements like SS Bolts and The Black Panther Party. I wish i could be like them someday.

3) I can look at the dark sky for hours.
I'm not lying. Once there was a lunar eclipse. I went out and just watched the moon until the eclipse is over. Was fantastic. I love astronomy. I really love it. I can gaze at the stars for hours. Freaking love astronomy.

2) I can bitch about people like mad.
Yes. It's true. I seldom talk about them. But when i start, that's it. I can go on forever. Until someone changes the topic for me. And i only talk about people who i really don't like. Hey, who doesn't?

1) My mom thinks i'm mad because i talk to myself.
It's true. I got caught a few times talking to the mirror. I'm a wierd guy. I don't have imaginary friend and stuffs but then i talk to myself alot. Especially when i'm alone. I talk about everything. It's like i have split personality. Sometimes i scold myself, sometimes i praise myself. Wierd. But true.

So thats all about it. Now i have to tag 6 more people and here goes my list:

1) Jagjit Singh (Paki's friend)
2) Mr Ooi from BM High School
3) Maddox (if you're reading this)
4) All the hantubola bloggers (where the fuck is my reply???)
5) The guy who carried the Man Utd kavadi during Thaipusam ( read my previous blogs)
6) Arrr anyone will do la....

Monday, April 23, 2007

Team of The Year, my choice. Ali Cafe, make it your choice. HAHAHAHA!!

And so i'm back to bitch more. Unfortunately, its about football again. I'm gonna show you people how worthless, fanatic and single minded are these voters in England. As many of you people know, team of the year has been choosen. Now down here i'm gonna list every member in the team and beside it i'm gonna list my choice of players that should be there.

Edwin van der saar - This is a though call. Van der saar is in his magnificent form this season, but yet i'll choose Petr Cech. This guy, has saved so many shots which were quite impossible to believe that a goalkeeper can do such things. And Cech didn't concede a goal for three months, the 1st scorer was Carlos Tevez. And he only conceded 5 premier league goals. Yes, 5!! And not to forget, he's back from a bad head injury and is still wearing the head mask or whatever you call it. How bout that?

Gary Neville - This guy is been magnificient. But if you look at others (i mean outside the top four) like Pascal Chimpanzee, Glenn Johnson (the toilet seat guy) or Hatem Trabelsi, they have been great this season. At least one good choice, Gary Neville deserve to be there.

hahahahahahahah... Patrice Evra : 6 million pound fluke. I cannot imagine they didnt look at Matthew Taylor, Joleon Lescott or hell (i'm gonna say it lah) Gael Clichy. Even Riise with the golf club mark on his head deserve to be there. But wait, since Man Utd is top and since Evra scored against ROMA, we choose him la. The others never score against Roma what. No need to choose them. Stupid fuckers.

Rio 'Oh-i-fucked-my-team-with-a-backpass' Ferdinand - Another looser in and out. Shit worth 30 million pounds. Hey, look at Carvalho la. The fella did better la. Take a look at Campbell, not denying the fact that he's playing better than his Arsenal days. And look at Toure and Gallas, where else can you find better pair of centrebacks?? Or at least Carragher or John Terry. Damn.

Nemanja Vidic - Even this guy is suprised when he's been choosen. He's been spending most of the time on the injury table. But no, Man Utd top. He MUST be there. Watch Woodgate play. Then you decide.

Left Winger:
Ryan Giggs - If your looking for a decent left winger, look at DaMarcus Beasley. He played fucking well, especially against us. Damian Duff. Err forget Duff. Pedersen from Blackburn. That guy impresses me.

Right Winger:
Christiano Ronaldo - Ok for once i have to admit, he's been ok lah this season. Good la dribbling and stuffs, other than that he can lick David Bentley's foot. Come on la people. Wake up la. Reality la. Gillespie, Petrov, Lennon (errr...), arhhh i'm gonna say it lah.. Pennant?? Why can't they be there? And since when dribbling is winning the awards??? Since Crybaby??? My balls mate. My balls.

Centre Midfield:
Paul Scholes - Ok it's a good choice. Scholes has been good. But because of too many Devils in the Team of The Year, i'm gonna look for different alternatives. Micheal Essien, Micheal Ballack, Frank Lampard (eventhough all are deflected shots), Robbie Savage can fuck off, Joey Barton and Didier Zokora. This guy has been magnificient. No not Scholes, Zokora!!

Centre Midfield:
Steven Gerrard - Ok no comment, but for the sake of argument, look at Fabregas. 50 games this season, 150 games already for Arsenal, 19 years old and wearing the jersey of another legend. He deserve to be there la. Beside Gerrard.

Dimitar Berbatov - This guy has been super this season. It's his 1st season and he's already scored 20 goals. Look at Baptista. Eh! Sorry wrong window hehe.

Striker :
Didier Drogba - This guy is the best striker EPL has since Henry. Freaking clinical. He deserve to be there. Martins is another good choice. Andrew Johnson, anyone??

So as all of you can see, there are some good choices made and some fucked up ones. The good ones are good, so i agree. But the fucked up ones are fucked up of course, so i gave my opinion. And here's my choice:

Gk - Petr Cech
LB - Matthew Taylor
RB - Gary Neville
CB - Kolo Toure
CB - William Gallas
LW- Morten Gamst Pedersen
RW- Stilian Petrov
CM- Micheal Essien
CM- Francesc Fabregas
ST- Didier Drogba
ST- Obafemi Martins

Sunday, April 22, 2007

10 things i hate in football

10) Stevie G. Actually i don't hate him much. I love him, infact. For all those backpasses. But too bad there's only 10 things i really hate in football.

9) Ahh.. The 'legend'. This bugger can win anything without doing jackshite. I hate him. Too bad there are 8 more things i hate.

8) Ahhh.. The tallest bloke in English football. Lucky bastard scored 3 against Gallas and Toure and Lehmann. Arhh.. Have u seen this guy taking long shots? It looks like his leg is gonna break in 2. Serious.

7) This guy thinks he's Gattuso in Blackburn. Plays fucking dirty football. As dirty as Marco Matterazzi. But i hate this guy more, coz he's blonde. And blondes are dumb.

6) Neigh!!!! Hmm for many of you who don't know this 'animal', i'll give you a hint. Played in Manchester United, won jackshit. Playing in Madrid, winning jackshit. Ruud van Nistelrooy. Simply hates him for his face and his style of celebration.

5) This guy can score freekicks from anywhere, but can't score penalties. And that penalty against Argentina (which England won 1-0) was the shittiest penalty i've seen. And i don't call him footballer anymore. He's a freaking model. Even Ljungberg is a model, but he plays way better than Beckham. Asshole. Go get some panties to be worn, lesbo!

4) Freaking asshole he is. Thinks he's the best player in the world. Yet not worth shit. Scored only 5 goals in his numerous champions league appearance. Never done anything wonderfull for his country or club. And his girlfriend thinks she's beauty queen. She went to Germany to support England. She is so patriotic, that she came back to England just to do her hair. Aint that a bitch?? Like Jenas.

3) The best football team on Earth, with the best captain (ex captain) and the best manager (ex manager). Only won world cup in 1966, never beaten their rival Sweden for 40 years and counting, never went further than quarterfinal since i've start watching football. Even Cameroon, Croatia, Turkey and South Korea went further. Gets all the attention in the world, and Astro will show every of it's game no matter friendly or training. Air something better la Astro. Barney and friends will do.

2) Shitties club in the world, with the shitties players in the world. Will be top on the league but tend to drop points at the ending of the season because of stupid mistakes from their highest paid defender. The treble was a fluke. It is. The manager always fights with the popular players. Even some players fight among each other. Got a portuege dick in the squad, a defender who is afraid to pee. Used to have a sissy footballer who got famous for his long range goal. (Refer number 5). Now have a Shrek lookalike. Talks about big ambitions (like doing the treble again) when they can't beat Southend. Not to mention they lost to them, and lost the cup. Pieces of shit.

1) The picture says a thousand words. If your not satisfied, read my blog about him. I'm tired to repeat it here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

stupid dumbfuck

I was reading the Star Online today and this is what i found (no not another football blog):

College student loses RM148,000

"A college student lost all her college fees totalling RM148,000 to a syndicate which told her that she had won RM3.3mil in two Internet lucky draws.

The 20-year-old student first received a call on March 20 from a woman telling her that she had won RM120,000 in a Hong Kong Turf Club online draw.
But in order to collect her winnings, she was told to deposit RM46,000 as insurance and processing fees.

She then transferred the amount into an overseas bank account on March 30.
George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said later the same day, she received another call from a man informing her that she had won another RM3.2mil in a bonus draw.

"She managed to raise another RM102,000 which was the fees for the whole duration of her course. The money was then deposited into the same account on Wednesday.

"After not hearing anything from the callers, she realised she had been cheated and made a police report the next day,” he said on Friday. "


How on Earth people can be this stupid?? A college student? My balls. This is much more stupid than falling down in a 6 feet wide drain.

A lot of this cheatings are happening around Malaysia. The Akademi Fantasia shit, The Malaysian idol crap and all those fantasy shows. I mean whats the point you vote for them??

Okay you vote, the girls win, you guys wank off at night and get up in the morning to realise that you've lost RM53 in that stupid sms contest? Fuckolls.

I hate this fucking Akademy Fantasia and Malaysian Idol. What do you get by watching it? I mean i don't get it. Some bunch of idiots standing on the stage, singing songs which are composed by big artists such as Mariah Carey or James Blunt, and gets scolding everytime they sing like shit. I mean, why don't create a show where the participants have to create their own songs and sing it. Malaysian idol?? Even a girl with a pierced tongue from an estate can sing. And win!! If you still don't know what I am talking about, search for Jacqline Victor or however her name is spelled ( i dont give a shit la) in google. And by the way, your 'Ipoh Mali' song which you duet with the botak Point Blanc is so shitty la. Everytime it goes on the radio, i switch it off. And i've heard tht same tune somewhere. Tupac?? Asshole.

Some people think , if they got in Malaysian idol or Akademi Fantasia thingy, and got kicked their ass out, are better than people who didn't participate in that shows. 2 words : Fuck off, kids. Oh sorry, 3 words. Who in this world gives a shit if you participate in that stupid show? I can bet that your dad is watching a movie which he watched a thousand times before on HBO or watching a repeated game between Angola and Barbados on ESPN while you are singing live on Ria. As i mentioned, nobody gives 2 fucks about u.

Mawi, don't you ever think you can escape from my blogs. This guy won Akademi Fantasia 1. And now look at him, instant millionaire. He's also been appearing in some stupid noodles and some tea advertisement. Motherfucker ain't worth a jackshit and now he's a millionaire. Talk about equality in Malaysia. And you buggers are fighting over the body of Mahendran (the Everest climber)? Stupid dumbfucks.

Ahh i'm too fucking hungry to bitch more. But i'll be back soon. With a very rasict blog. I don't care if you wanna call me rasict or whatever, the goverment can shuff a broom up its ass and call me daddy. Assholes.

happy delayed thaipusam people!!

No wonder they are sitting at the top of the table.... I have no say....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What happened to Man Utd and Spurs fans, that didn't happen to any other fans???

"Where am i?? Who am i?? What am i doing here? Whose that??
Shrek , is that you??" Man Utd fan got TRASHED the shit out of him.

"Snort!! Argh not again. I shouldn't have drank the gin" Tottenham fan shat in his pants while got beating from the police in Spain.


Ok by looking at those 2 pics up there, you might have guessed what i'm gonna write about today. Well basicly, fans of 2 clubs got trashed the shit out of themselves in 2 different European games. We'll talk about Man Utd's 1st.

It wasn't a suprise when i saw these incident happening live on tv. Italian football is known for their rough fans and their strict police. In many point of view, it's the Italians fault. But it's totally different in my point of view. Well, you see. I blame the fans and Alex Ferguson. Well you see, 4-5 seasons back, Chelsea played Lazio and Chelsea won the game 4-0. And who can forget one of the BEST EUROPEAN GAME EVER, Arsenal wacking the shit out of Inter Milan, 5-1. And oh yea, both Chelsea and Arsenal won in ITALY. But hey, nothing happened. How come? Because these fans respect the opponent. They didn't boo whenever the Italian teams make a faul, or hit the post or whatever.

And i blame Man Utd for not respecting the opposition. Italian FA said no beers allowed in the stadium, but like dogs, Man Utd fans disobey the order. Wait, i don't wanna disgrace the dogs, so i rephrase : Man Utd fans didn't follow the orders. They drank in the stadium. That's one reason why the police acted so violently.

Second reason, "Totti?? Whose Totti??" Alex ' The pig-faced' Ferguson didn't respect Totti. It's a disrespect, obviously. And what happen?? Voila! 13 Man Utd fans had to spend an extra night in Rome, in the hospitals.

It's a good thing that these fans learnt a lesson, never disrespect your opponent. No matter it's Leeds, Charlton or Southend (oopsie). If you (Man Utd fans) think that Man Utd is the best team in EPL, then why hoping for Arsenal to beat Chelsea? Beat them your ownself la. Away ah? Aiyo Arsenal also can win away la. Against you cunts. Fucking stupid fans. Whats the use of leading the table, but hoping for the other teams to beat your strongest rival?? Look at Chelsea last 2 seasons.

And yeah, i didn't mention about Tottenham la. Anyway who gives a shit about them. They can't win shit, yet they spend double than the Gunners every year. Same goes to Newcastle. But there is one thing i want to say here. You can never say that Italians are rasict, because Spurs's fans got wacked by SPANISH police. Dickhead Englishmen.

And yeah, did you know that Arsenal is the only club that didn't get relegated before since EPL started?? Now, tell me, which is the best club in England? Pussies.

Ronaldo for Player of the Year?? My balls!!

Christiano Ronaldo. Few facts about him :
1) Thinks he's going to win the EPL Player Of The Year just by showing of some skills in front of National TV and 60,000 one-minded crowds.
2) Dives better than Olympic divers.
3) Tend to fall when a defender comes near.
4) Thinks he's the hottest hunk in world football.
5) Forgot about his past, that he came from a ghetto in Portugal.
6) Plays for Portugal and thinks that he's the backbone of the team.
7) No respect for Portuguese fans.
8) Has too much tears to shade. Pussy!

It doesn't matter if your skillfull or have fast feet or as light as a feather, you just can't win any awards. Moreover if your name is Christiano Ronaldo. This guy is a jackass. Even the real Man Utd fans hate him. I mean, the real ones. Not the ones who support Manchester United only after 1999, when they won the treble of course! That was the time where some football geeks who want to 'get in the conversation', started supporting Man Utd.

Anyway it doesn't matter. Ronaldo winning Player of the Year will be a major rip off. Drogba, who scored 30 goals for Chelsea, no matter headers, free kicks, left foot, right foot or even with his shin, is my choice to win. Nuff said.

Ok so you have great skills, nice to watch. Performing that skills against Watford when you are 3-0 up, is one case. But performing that skills in Champions League semifinal against an Italian opponent in Italy, and finishing it off, is another. Impossible asshole?? Henry did it against Inter. And since everyone is saying that you're greater than God himself, why don't show us something?

And what's with the crying, pussy? Never been a looser in football before? I though you were a full time looser like all those Man Utd fans, who don't even know what's your ex-club is. Did you thought that Portugal, with a player like you, is going to win some major trophies? They can, but if only you PASS THE FREAKING BALL!! Whats the use of you dribbling the whole squad and not passing? Unless you can finish it up like what Henry did against Tottenham 'food-poisoned' Hotscums and The Galacticos, then we'll have something to talk about.

I hate that Ronaldo. Call him a football player again, and i'll shuff a broom up your ass. And yeah, after the winking incident in World Cup against Rooney, Ronaldo thought of a way to say sorry. And here it is:


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

God's perfect creations

This croc was caught in one of the African countries. Look at the size of that beast.

Looks small to you?? Check the other picture.

This beast easily weights 1 or 2 tonnes. My 2nd favourite creature. And for my number 1:
Ahh. This is a fucking spoiler. This ain't my number 1 creature. For your information, this scene is from the movie Deep Blue Sea. And this is a Mako Shark, fucking fierce fish, but believed to be extint. Yea, the scientist lost his hand there. Stupid scientist. And for my number 1 creature, God's most perfect creation:
Here it is. The Great White Shark. I forgot it's scientific name, Megatrodon something. Megatrodon was a dinosaur, the ancestors of Great White. And i've seen in discovery channel, about megatrodons. Imagine, fiercer than these buggers and the best part, size as large as a whale. Their food, whales of course! Damn! Luckily thing they are extint.

This Great White Shark is a very unique animal. It has 5 or 6 ways of hunting. I'll tell you people later. For now, just enjoy the pictures.

Ain't that bugger scary?? Yet i find it freaking beautiful.

Ok. Can you people see it's snout? Ok. This is wierd, but whenever anyone or anything touches and holds the sharks snout, the shark will be somesort like, errmm paralysed. It means can't moves or swim or whatever. Until you let go of the snout.

Looking for trouble eh?? The fella *ngap your hand once then you know!

Look at that beauty. I assume that most of you know where these fishes got their name from. But i'll still explain because i'm kinda enthusiastic when it comes to this animals. OK you see the colour difference ? It's black on top and white below rite? The white part of the body is the only thing that differentiate this fish than others. That's why it's named Great White Shark. Great is for of course, great!

Check out the size of this mother. And did you people know, that by touching it's skin will cause your hand to bleed?It's scales can cut through your skin. It's because it's skin, or shall we call scales, are made of the same elements that made it's teeth. And it's scales are sharp. That's why the divers wear chain gloves when dealing with these monsters. Their scales can even tear the shit out of rubber gloves.

The best picture i have. Aint that fish awesome. Freaking big i tell u!

And imagine you're on that kayak. Some of you would have shat in their pants. Haha.
Anyway i wanted to share with you people about that beast's hunting skill.
1) Eyes : Do u know that whenever a great white takes a bite of it's prey, it rolls it's eyes back and closes it? It's because she don't want her eyes to get hurt while attacking.
2) Smell: This bagger can smell blood like nobody's bussiness. I forgot about the ratio, but for a rough example, it can smell a drop of blood hundreds of miles away.
3) Scales : The scales plays an important part in hunting. Especially among those blinded sharks. The scales can sense a sudden change in the direction of the waves. Like a seal taking a dive or human legs kicking around in the water. Muahahaha.
4) Lateral line: Same thing as scales. The lateral line is the border of the white and black colour on it's skin.
5) Electromagnetic : This is by far the most interesting method of hunting. Sharks do have organs that can sense magnetic force. Every shark has one, but the most common example is the Hammerhead. These sharks detects heartbeat of the prey.
For an additional information, have you people heard about the Torpedo? No, its not the missile. It's a stingray. It's hunting skill is quite impressive. Whenever it spots a prey, it'll roam above it and covers the prey (fish, lobsters, etc) with its long fins that look like wings. When the prey is fully covered, it'll releases 3 to 4 shots of electricity in that area where it covers with its 'wings'.
At the 3rd shot of electricity, the prey's backbone will be snapped. Making it paralyse. Ahh fuck i can't spell paralyse. Damn. Anyway Stingray's are in the same family as sharks. :-)
Ok got to go now people. Take care.

why wenger is a wizard in purchasing players??

Above, is Nicholas Anelka. A striker which was infact, the very 1st 'diamond' Arsene Wenger unearthed. This guy was brilliant, fast and clinical. But, due to his skills and he was also itching to go to 'bigger' club, he was sold to Real Madrid for 33 million pounds. 33 million??? God damn it. Real Madrid really wanted this guy. Then he went to Liverpool (i think), to Man City , Fenerbahce and Bolton. Actually i'm not bothered because i don't keep in tabs with him. So much for 'bigger' club, eh asshole?? Anyway, with that 33 million, Wenger has proved to the world that he's the transfer market wizard that no other manager could come close.

1st buy, Sylvain Wiltord for 11 million pounds from somewhere in France. I'd say that it's worth it. Remember this picture? This is the goal scored by Wiltord against Man Utd in Old Trafford. This is the same goal that clinched the title for us. And he scored brilliant and important goals too. Wiltord left to Lyon for free around 2002 or 2003.

This goes to Manpreet. 2nd purchase : Robert Pires, 11 million pounds from Marseille. Robert Pires was one of the most feared winger to play in England. Who? Christiano Ronaldo? Fuck off. Ronaldo cannot be compared to Robert. Robert has won us numerous FA Cup, Premier League titles, and made Manpreet Kaur an Arsenal fan. Hehe. Robert remains as a legend in our heart, forever.

Purchase #3: Thierry Henry for fucking 11 million pounds. Aint that what we call a bargain?? This guy, is the best footballer the world has ever seen, yet he is still misjudged. There is nothing this player can't do. Name it. Freekicks, penalties, corners, headers, placings, long shots, assist, crosses. All that in 11 million pounds package. Top scorer and top assist in 3 years running.
So as we can see. Henry + Pires + Wiltord = Anelka??? Nah. Doesn't sound right. Heck.
11 mil + 11 mil + another 11 mil = Anelka?? Hmm.. Wait. Henry (11 mil) + Pires (11 mil) + Wiltord (11 mil) = Anelka (33 mil)??? Argh who gives a shit?? You people got what i mean right?

we are back...

Yeah. Can you people spot the 19 years old God of Football, or either upcoming God of football? Another clue?? The one who just took the shot. That's the shot that shuts up Sam Allerdyce's bitching mouth, about how he has the 'recipe' to beat Arsenal. So much for your secret-finger-licking-good recipe eh? Asshole. Sam Allerdyce can't take the fact that his Bolton squad is double the average age than Arsenal's. Experience? Nah. Quality, spirit and determination are the words. By winning against us in Reebok Stadium can't deny the fact that your old grumpy squad is going to finish lower than us, and lower than us means no champions league football next season. Good luck in your quest for UEFA Cup next season.

Hmm. Any other words people?? How bout Shebby?? Always complaining about we creating so many chances and not finishing off?? Look. 2 goals for 2 games for Fabregas and Rosicky. How bout that sucker?? Are you still hoping that your Tottenham squad is gonna make it for champions league in the near future?? Not in your lifetime sucker!! We are back with a shout!

David Dein. Farewell to you, fellow Gunner. Thanks for all those support you have given us, we won't forget you like we forgot Anelka.

Rage Against The Machine is back!!!!!

( From left: Brad Wilk as the drummer, Zack de la Rocha as the Vocalist,
Tom Morello as the guitarist)
(Standing : Tim Commerfold as the bassist)

If you still don't recognise my brother in that pic above, you should stand in front of a mirror and slap yourselves a few times till your palm gets red, not the face.

Zack de la Rocha, is the most powerful vocalist ever walked on planet earth. His words can create a left wing movement, can close down Wall Street for a day and fuck up the United States goverment's ass. Zack de la Rocha was the vocalist of Rage Against The Machine, the most successfull rapcore ban ever. RATM has produced 4 solid albums which are (followed by date of release) 'Freedom', 'Evil Empire', ' Battle of Los Angeles' and 'Renegades'. 2 other albums followed, 'Live and Rare' and 'Live in Grand Auditorium' which were recorded live.

In the year 2000, Zack left the band. The most reliable reason is that Rage songs didn't influenced the fans with political influences. The albums were sold like hot cakes, yes. But the main mission is to implement political influences to the fans, and Rage failed. Zack left.

Many did tried jamming with the rest of RATM members, who were Tom Morello (guitarist), Timmy Commerfold (bassist) and Brad Wilk (drum). People such as B-Real (Cypress Hill), Maynard James Keenan and Serj Tankian (System of a Down) were prefered to be the replacement for Zack. But only 1 man fits the band, Chris Cornell ( Soundgarden). Audioslave was created. 'Audio' for 'Sound' from the name Soundgarden, and 'Slave' from 'Rage'.

I never hated Chris. But i never like his vocals. And he doesn't want to implement political elements in his lyrics. 3 albums went by and in February 2007, Chris decided to call it a day. It was a good choice because Audioslave's approach of music doesn't fit them, and RATM was getting forgotten.

Soon after the departure of Chris Cornell, rumours has been spreading that Zack de la Rocha wants to rejoin his former band. And i say, when this really happens, every other rock bands are gonna be forgotten. Limp Bizkit, Simple Plan, Linkin Park and others will be brushed aside by the fire spitting Zack, the genious guitarist in Tom, the funky bass in Tim, and that energetic drummer in Brad. They will be back and i am waiting for them.

~This is my 1st post, that's the reason i tend to be serious. In the upcoming post, you will learn more about me.~