The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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You see tha powerful got nervous, Cause he refused to be their servant; 'Cause he spit truth, That shook heads and burned like black churches; Prose and verses, A million poor in hearses; Watch tha decision of Dred Scott as it reserves ; So long as tha rope is tight around Mumia's neck ; Let there be no rich white life , we bound to respect ; Cause and effect; Can't ya smell tha smoke in tha breeze??? My panther my brother we are at war until you're free!!!


Sunday, October 28, 2007


They say they don't have money to buy bulletproof vest for every policeman in Malaysia. Yet they can send that astronaut up. Thats what I mean by waste of money.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catfight!! Meow!! Ahahahaha

Stupid dumb malay bitches. Check out the audience. And the prefect in purple. And the way they act like gangsters. Guess what, they were fighting for the toilet. Damn nowadays they fight for toilets also. Hahahahahha fucking dumb people.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This program was officially announced by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad, as a joint programme with the Russian Federation. It is a project under the government-to-government offset agreement through the purchase of Sukhoi SU-30MKM fighter jets for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

Under this agreement the Russian Federation bears the cost of training two Malaysians for space travel and for sending one to the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2007.
The Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA), Ministry of Science, Technologies and Innovations was given the responsibility of selecting the candidates. Two of the four selected participants were sent to the Astronaut Training Programme in Star City, Russia for 18 months of training.

The four finalists were:

Siva Vanajah, 35
Mohammed Faiz Kamaluddin, 34
Faiz Khaleed, 25
Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, 34

All four trained at Star City. Initially, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor was thought to be the confirmed candidate to be launched on Soyuz TMA-11 and to come back with Soyuz TMA-10 after a ten-day stay on the ISS.

On July 23, 2007, Sheikh Muszaphar participated in a NASA news conference with the Expedition 16 crew.Sheikh Muszaphar was the prime Malaysian crew member who eventually took part in the October 10 launch while Faiz Khaleed served as his backup.

On November 15, 2006, in a response to a question in the Dewan Rakyat, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim (representing the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry) stated that the Malaysian astronaut would, "spin top and toss Batu Seremban (five-stone game) as part of an experiment during his space travel". She added, "The astronaut will also paint a batik motif and make "teh tarik" ("pulled" tea) which would be shared with his fellow astronauts.

However, on December 18, 2006, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis said that making teh-tarik in space would not happen. Various experiments drawn up by selected Malaysian institutes would be carried out by the Malaysian astronaut while in zero-gravity. In the planned physics education (live class in space) portion of the spaceflight, the astronaut will also be, "demonstrating the behavior of fluids" and "observing the effects of a spinning object", to show Malaysian students on the ground the effects of zero-gravity on selected physical phenomena.

The cost of sending a single Malaysian into space has been estimated at RM 105 million (approximately USD 26 million). The entire Malaysian space program has been criticized as a waste of money for a developing nation that could ill afford such indulgences.


I got that article from Wikipedia. If you people still think that i am creating a story, go fuck yourselves. Anyway what the fuck does this mean : "spin top and toss Batu Seremban (five-stone game) as part of an experiment during his space travel". She added, "The astronaut will also paint a batik motif and make "teh tarik" ("pulled" tea) which would be shared with his fellow astronauts"??

Are we that crazy? How would someone spin top at the space? Wouldn't it float? Batu seremban? What???? Pulled tea??? Are you people nuts?? Is that the way to show our 'love' to the country? Why didn't we spin top at the Everest? Or why didnt we make teh tarik when the guy was sailing around the world??

RM 105 fucking million. Well we heard people telling that "Why do we have to waste so much of money??" Yea. Why the fuck we have to waste RM 105 million to send a guy to the space? Why can't we use that money to do something else? I dunno, maybe we can cut down the Mat Rempits, or build better schools, fields, temples?? No. We must send this guy to space to play batu seremban and make teh tarik for fellow astronauts.

The word 'astronaut' is misunderstood here. The whole Malaysia thinks that Dr Sheik is an astronaut. Actually he is not. He is a Spaceflight Attendant. Astronauts are the people who walks on space, work on space. Sheik is just a normal hitchhiker to satisfy racist politicians in Malaysia.

It's the same as 'tsunami'. That thing that hit Aceh a few years ago, wasn't a tsunami. It was just a tidal wave. Yet, millions of Malaysians never heard or know what a tsunami is. Government, use that RM 105 million to educate them!!

We all can be proud with this 'small' achievements. Yes, small. Don't come nagging to me that climbing Everest, going to space, sailing around the world or swimming at the British Channel is something so great. And don't come nagging about "If it's small, then why don't you do it?" I'm just not interested. Swimming at the British Channel?? Big thing? Even a 11 year old kid from England has done it. Way many people has done it. We are just doing it? And sailing around the world. Rumours that he didn't sail alone. He sailed with a whiteman hiding in his boat. Wonder what do they do at the sea... Hmm...

Anyway, the swimmer and the sailer got Dato' for their achievements. And yea maybe they deserve it. How bout the guys who conquered Everest? The 2 indian guys? They didn't get anything, as far as i know. One even got burried the Muslim way (Moorthy). Sheik is going to get Dato' for sure. For me, climbing the Everest is the biggest achievement. Yet they didn't get anything. Well, maybe if the Malays conquered the mountain, they would have the Dato' ship. Fucking fair, ain't it?

And by the way, "It is a project under the government-to-government offset agreement through the purchase of Sukhoi SU-30MKM fighter jets for the Royal Malaysian Air Force." and " Under this agreement the Russian Federation bears the cost of training two Malaysians for space travel and for sending one to the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2007." is all crap. Total bullshit. Which country would have trained 2 astronauts for free? Rusia don't care how many fighter jets did Malaysia bought from them, they will never trained 2 Malaysian astronauts for free. The cost is fucking expensive. It's even more expensive that the amount Malaysia spend in purchasing that 2nd hand fighter jets. This means that Malaysia has spend more than the amount they have stated to send that guy in space. They say that it's because the 'Thanks' for the purchase of the fighter jets is to blind us for not realising the truth.

For me, I think that they didn't send that guy up as a Malaysian. They sent him as a Muslim. Would you think our goverment will spend hell lots of money to send a 'Malaysian' up? I don't think so. And why do he have to be Muslim? Is he the only fittest guy they found? Out of 4 candidates, they got 3 Muslim guys and 1 indian lady. They made it that way because, guys are more fitter than lady and they know that the lady will not last in the training. The other reason why they chose the indian lady is because, they don't want people to think that they are racist. Yet they are.

Call me racist, i'll be proud.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Malaysia boleh???

I got this mail from Hemalan Nambier. Thanks man! Want to share it with you all. (It's a 1 year old mail)

MALAYSIA'S been at it again, arguing about what proportion of the economy each of its two main races — the Malays and the Chinese — owns. It's an argument that's been running for 40 years. That wealth and race are not synonymous is important for national cohesion, but really it's time Malaysia grew up.

It's a tough world out there and there can be little sympathy for a country that prefers to argue about how to divide wealth rather than get on with the job of creating it.
The long-held aim is for 30 per cent of corporate equity to be in Malay hands, but the figure that the Government uses to justify handing over huge swathes of public companies to Malays but not to other races is absurd. It bases its figure on equity valued, not at market value, but at par value.

Many shares have a par value of say $1 but a market value of $12. And so the Government figure (18.9 per cent is the most recent figure) is a gross underestimate. Last month a paper by a researcher at a local think-tank came up with a figure of 45 per cent based on actual stock prices. All hell broke loose. The paper was withdrawn and the researcher resigned in protest. Part of the problem is that he is Chinese.

"Malaysia boleh!" is Malaysia's national catch cry. It translates to "Malaysia can!" and Malaysia certainly can. Few countries are as good at wasting money. It is richly endowed with natural resources and the national obsession seems to be to extract these, sell them off and then collectively spray the proceeds up against the wall.

This all happens in the context of Malaysia's grossly inflated sense of its place in the world.
Most Malaysians are convinced that the eyes of the world are on their country and that their leaders are world figures. This is thanks to Malaysia's tame media and the bravado of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. The truth is, few people on the streets of London or New York could point to Malaysia on a map much less name its prime minister or capital city.
As if to make this point, a recent episode of The Simpsons features a newsreader trying to announce that a tidal wave had hit some place called Kuala Lumpur. He couldn't pronounce the city's name and so made up one, as if no-one cared anyway. But the joke was on the script writers — Kuala Lumpur is inland.

Petronas, the national oil company is well run, particularly when compared to the disaster that passes for a national oil company in neighbouring Indonesia. But in some respects, this is Malaysia's problem. The very success of Petronas means that it is used to underwrite all manner of excess.

The KLCC development in central Kuala Lumpur is an example. It includes the Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in the world when they were built, which was their point.

It certainly wasn't that there was an office shortage in Kuala Lumpur — there wasn't.
Malaysians are very proud of these towers. Goodness knows why. They had little to do with them. The money for them came out of the ground and the engineering was contracted out to South Korean companies.

They don't even run the shopping centre that's beneath them. That's handled by Australia's Westfield.

Next year, a Malaysian astronaut will go into space aboard a Russian rocket — the first Malay in space. And the cost? $RM95 million ($A34.3 million), to be footed by Malaysian taxpayers. The Science and Technology Minister has said that a moon landing in 2020 is the next target, aboard a US flight. There's no indication of what the Americans will charge for this, assuming there's even a chance that they will consider it. But what is Malaysia getting by using the space programs of others as a taxi service? There are no obvious technical benefits, but no doubt Malaysians will be told once again, that they are "boleh". The trouble is, they're not. It's not their space program.

Back in July, the Government announced that it would spend $RM490 million on a sports complex near the London Olympics site so that Malaysian athletes can train there and "get used to cold weather".

But the summer Olympics are held in the summer.

So what is the complex's real purpose? The dozens of goodwill missions by ministers and bureaucrats to London to check on the centre's construction and then on the athletes while they train might provide a clue.

Bank bale outs, a formula one racing track, an entire new capital city — Petronas has paid for them all. It's been an orgy of nonsense that Malaysia can ill afford.
Why? Because Malaysia's oil will run out in about 19 years. As it is, Malaysia will become a net oil importer in 2011 — that's just five years

So it's in this context that the latest debate about race and wealth is so sad.

It is time to move on, time to prepare the economy for life after oil. But, like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, the Malaysian Government is more interested in stunts like sending a Malaysian into space when Malaysia's inadequate schools could have done with the cash, and arguing about wealth distribution using transparently ridiculous statistics.

That's not Malaysia "boleh", that's Malaysia "bodoh" (stupid).

Saturday, October 20, 2007

(i cant embed it here. its disabled. so please please watch this video)

Please watch this video above. It shows that what is going on in Malaysia. The muslims are showing that they are the supreme power in this country. Those bastards, and that Perak Mufti saying that "The non muslims are bullying the muslims." Bullying the muslims?? You asshole. Say that when the muslims are taking the body of Moorthy. Say that when you are forcing his only child and daughter to convert to Islam because you 'claimed' that Moorthy was muslim. Say that when you catch non muslim couples in the park who are just hugging and holding hands. You freak. Non muslim dont rape their daughters, nor their grand daughters. Non muslim dont go around kidnapping 8 year old and rape her and put brinjals and cucumbers in her. Non muslim don't race at the middle of the night. Non muslims dont waste their time in coffee shop and talking cock. Because we are busy building a future. And you muslims are destroying it. Fuck you. You want us to share shits with you, we did, no matter willingly and unwillingly. And we bully you?? Fuck you!!

I can bet one shit on this. In few years to come, this country is gone. The non muslims will move out, leave the muslims here alone in the country and fuck themselves up. They can shuff brinjals up their own asses and enjoy themselves. Fuck you. The dirtiest bastards i've ever seen. I hope they read this. Put me on the "Wanted Dead" list, you sons of bitches!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bitch warning!!

To anybody who knows this girl or saw her anywhere before, please get far from her or you can either shoot her brains out. Please. This slut over here says that she is from US and stuff. Her name, as she says, is Simar Randhawa. And if this girl adds you, please do not, i repeat DO NOT approve her. Her email add has her name in it. I don't wanna type it here because i'm scared that you guys will add her and she will fuck up your life. Seriously. She tried to do that to me and Jaspreet. She didn't came close. She is the deadliest virus ever. She spreads alot of diseases around. But yea, she's a cheap whore. Any guys interested? Don't ask me , i'm no pimp.

This bitch over here spreads false news to my sweetheart by saying that i'm using her and stuff. She tries to break our relations which i don't know why the fuck for. Are we too hot for u Simar? Are you jealous of us?? I think so. And Simar copies messages and edits them and sends them to your loved ones. Like what she did with mine. How did you get my password and email add? Lemme guess. 'Undertable' with some hackers bitch??? Go get a life la. We don't need you in our life. Please please for fuck sake, jump out of the window for us. Please leave us in peace, you evil cheap whore.

I told you Simar. If you do that again, i'm not gonna forgive you. So here it is. Fuck off bitch.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Stupid speech

This is a clip where i watched a loser talking about Black Metal. Watch it 1st (it's in malay language because this losers can't speak proper English):

Black metal are songs. Yes, i agree that many of these band members doesn't believe in God. Neither do i. They say that they 'pray to Satan' because they go opposite God's teaching. Anything that is opposite God is called Satan or Satanism. For many people who don't know Satanism, Satanism is not praying to Satan. Satan and God doesn't exist. Satanism is where someone believes that god doesn't exist, and believes that he/she himself is 'God'. There is no spiritual power greater than the brain itself. That is Satanism.

I agree with that. And i agree with Black Metal. God doesn't exist. Realise it already. If he does, and since he's the great creator of world and universe, why can't he just make us better places? Like in Africa. Don't you think the people there pray for food on daily basis? And the disasters. Tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes taking lives of the innocents. Why cant he just create a peaceful world for us? It's bullshit. Thats what the messages are in metal songs.

As an experienced metal listener, I say that Black Metal is nothing bad. Just because the music is too loud and they scream in vocals, doesn't mean they are doing anything wrong. I listen to shitloads of stuffs. Bands that the names you people don't imagine to hear. Bands that many metalheads have never heard before. So called metalheads only hear Cradle of Filth, Metallica or Slayer. They are bullshit. Sellout bands only think of making money. Ever heard of bands like Burzum, Gorgoroth, Sorgsvart, Nargaroth or Helrunar? These guys make their own albums, and sell them with their own hands. Sorgsvart, Nargaroth and Burzum are a 1 man band. 1 guy plays all the instruments, records the songs his ownself and sell them out. They don't want to make millions. They just want people to appriciate what they have done.

Many of you people are going to be mad at me for this next point i am going to reveal. Muslim says that they don't pray to statues or other stuffs (animinisme), but why do they go around that huge chunk of stone that is in Mekah? Tell me. And which religion requires someone to kill animals in the praying ground mercilessly? I'm talking about Qurban. Why? It seems that one of the prophet last time, sacrificed his son for some reason. And now the Muslims MUST sacrifice the animals once a year to remember the the prophet's action. Thats dumb. Seriously. And if you are so into it, why don't you kill your own son? Why animals? Bloodthirsty.

And about these people who follow this Black Metal rituals, they are dumb. They don't think. They take songs too seriously. I wonder what's going to happen if they hear Gloomy Sunday. They might just jump out of the window or in front of a moving train. Yes, bands do have these rituals written in their lyrics. But they don't tend to make the listeners follow the lyrics. Even the bandmembers don't do that (unless the crazy ones). It's just lyrics to make the song great, that's it. You can never see Europe people performing these rituals and stuff. And even if they do, people just don't care because they have better things to care about. It's not like this in Malaysia. This country, they seem to care more that the smaller issues rather than the bigger ones. It's bullshit.

All we (Metalheads) are saying that, eventhought we listen or make songs against God, we don't go around saying that your religion is bad. It is your choice. But yet there are some dumbfucks who always want to put their ass into our business. Black metal is not evil. You are! You force people to follow your corrupt religion, rather than leaving them in peace. There is only 1 race, the human race.


I have been roaming around Youtube just for fun. So yesterday i decided to watch some Malaysian clips. I saw one clip. I want to show you all and here it is.

Haha. This is what we call "JAIS" (Jabatan Agama Islam). Well as you all can see,there were couple's making out and one guy that is videotaping them and approaching them without shame. This is stupid. As always, JAIS has no better work to do. What they do is, they go around catching couples that are being together. Whats wrong with that? Couples can't even hold hands in public.

And he keeps on asking, "Sudah kahwin ka?" meaning "Are you married?". Why? We have to be married to hold hands? Be together? That's so dumb.

And these Jais people are hipocrites. You say that "whoever that spreads the message of 'God' or make people realise about their wrongdoings (i'm talking about the making out part) will have loads of blessings (pahala) from God himself". So you think that you are greater human? You get blessings? As i know, i don't think you will get any when you videotape people making out and posting them in Youtube. Stupid. Leave those people alone. They are happy. Maybe you don't have any partner for yourself and who knows, maybe you get satisfaction by videotaping them?? Dumb ass.

JAIS does nothing good for people. They are a bunch of people who are trying to 'make the public' realise that they are Muslims. Enough already. It's dumb. Let them be what they want to do. What pain do you feel?

I suggest that we should get rid of these JAIS people. And if they come near to you people, just walk off. Walk of by holding your nose (show them that they are stinky). No life people. Go get a better job la. Whats the use of you catching all these peaceful couples while you can't stop your own people from raping their own daughters, snatching handbags from passerbys and robbing other people?? Think already.

Malaysian Maths

It is most alarming that many Malaysian schools teach our children
the wrong things. I mean: can the children really apply what they are
taught in school later in life?

For example,can you imagine a mathematics question in a recent
examination as follows?

If an egg costs fifty sen, and if you buy 1/5 of the egg, how much
would you have to pay ?"

Who in Heaven's name will want to buy 1/5 of an egg ?

Yet, this is how they structure the questions in Malaysian schools.

Why not pose questions that would be more useful later in life when
you go out into the world to earn your living ?

To help Malaysia's Ministry of Education to better face the realities
of life, we are suggesting some questions they could use in their


If your father drives from Kuala Lumpur to Penang along the PLUS
Highway and there are four speed traps along the way and if each
speed trap could cost him RM300.00 in fines, how much in fines
would he accumulate by the time he reaches Penang ?

ANSWER (Multiple choice):

1. He would not suffer any fines as oncoming cars would flash
their headlights and he would slow down before getting to the
speed trap.

2. He would pay only RM80.00 as RM20.00 bribe would be
sufficient at each speed trap. Raya time, maybe a little more.

3. My father would not be stopped as he is an UMNO Wakil Rakyat,
so he is exempted from speed traps.


If a Bumi company is awarded a RM150 million government contract,
and they make a 20% profit, how much profit would be at the end of
the contract period ?

ANSWER (Multiple choice):

1. There will not be a 20% profit as they would have to pay the Minister
10% and UMNO 5%.

2. They would make a 30% profit, which is the progress payment they
receive, after which they will abandon the project and let the government
call for re-tender.

3. The company will not make any profit at all as the MD will siphon out
all the profits and show a loss to avoid paying corporate tax.


If the national petroleum company, Petronas, makes 5 billion ringgits per
year, how much should Petronas have in the bank after 25 years?

ANSWER (Multiple Choice):

1. Nobody is supposed to know as Petronas need not show its accounts
to anyone except the PM and this information comes under the Official
Secrets Act.

2. Petronas has nothing accumulated in the bank as all the money will be
spent bailing out companies and cronies of the PM.

3. Who cares? The rakyat doesn't see any of it anyway.