The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

freedom to choose religion???

Recently i think you all would
had heard about the woman who
converted her religion from a muslim
to christian, well known as Lina Joy.
Recently her appeal to court to change
her status as Islam to Christian in
her identity card has not been
approved even by the supreme court and
had been told to hand over the case to
Syariah court. This woman has stugle
for nine years to legally to be called
as a christian. The dessicion the
court had taken on her case has
obviously destroyed not Lina Joys
human and religion right in this
country and significanly for all of
us. What you all think about this
issues and what step should be taken
for all non-muslim in our country gets
their right for thier religion and
human right? wHAT HAPPEN TO THE ACT11
far as i know in Malaysia non-muslims
are being pressed to below, by
destroying the hindu's church, killing
chinese people and grab the chance to
buried even their own family members
when they are death. And officialy
this 50 years of independent is just a
illusion for all non-muslims and they
will continue do this when we are
still dancing to their music.........
So i won't celebrate this year
Independence Day, bcos we still are
being colonised by some stupid laws in
this country which supposed to be a
multiracial and multilanguage
country.... tell this to all ur
friends may they know what happening
in this country...


V|vac|ous said...

This is an excellent post I even stopped singing Negara ku . Well done Sam ! you really have made some people think

December said...

Whats religion after all, anyway does it matter if you're a muslim or a christian? Malaysian law is fundamentally wrong, we even have one?

Anonymous said...

"destroying the hindu's church, killing chinese people and grab the chance to buried even their own family members when they are death."

well... since when hindu have churches and not temples?

by "killing chinese people" are u referring to the mei 11 event? get ur facts straight.

and "grab the chance to buried even their own family members when they are death." 411, muslims bury the dead. the hindu's/chinese/christians either burns them or bury them.

(also should be 'when they are dead' not 'when they are death')

are u saying burying the dead is an insult? certainly not in islam. again, get ur facts straight.

el_fuser said...

haha hey brother.. well 1st of all, you should notice that that post isn't my writing. i copy pasted it here from my mail. if i want to write, i would have written it in full sentence. just like other post.. actually i don't know what it means by 'killing chinese people' but i assume its about mei 13. not may 11. and yea, about the spelling mistake and stuff, relax about it.. i just copy pasted it. and infact, if u count the percentage of mistakes i have done in all my posts, u'll be impressed by the small amount of it.. try it..

sad said...

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