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The Last Supper

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Stupid speech

This is a clip where i watched a loser talking about Black Metal. Watch it 1st (it's in malay language because this losers can't speak proper English):

Black metal are songs. Yes, i agree that many of these band members doesn't believe in God. Neither do i. They say that they 'pray to Satan' because they go opposite God's teaching. Anything that is opposite God is called Satan or Satanism. For many people who don't know Satanism, Satanism is not praying to Satan. Satan and God doesn't exist. Satanism is where someone believes that god doesn't exist, and believes that he/she himself is 'God'. There is no spiritual power greater than the brain itself. That is Satanism.

I agree with that. And i agree with Black Metal. God doesn't exist. Realise it already. If he does, and since he's the great creator of world and universe, why can't he just make us better places? Like in Africa. Don't you think the people there pray for food on daily basis? And the disasters. Tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes taking lives of the innocents. Why cant he just create a peaceful world for us? It's bullshit. Thats what the messages are in metal songs.

As an experienced metal listener, I say that Black Metal is nothing bad. Just because the music is too loud and they scream in vocals, doesn't mean they are doing anything wrong. I listen to shitloads of stuffs. Bands that the names you people don't imagine to hear. Bands that many metalheads have never heard before. So called metalheads only hear Cradle of Filth, Metallica or Slayer. They are bullshit. Sellout bands only think of making money. Ever heard of bands like Burzum, Gorgoroth, Sorgsvart, Nargaroth or Helrunar? These guys make their own albums, and sell them with their own hands. Sorgsvart, Nargaroth and Burzum are a 1 man band. 1 guy plays all the instruments, records the songs his ownself and sell them out. They don't want to make millions. They just want people to appriciate what they have done.

Many of you people are going to be mad at me for this next point i am going to reveal. Muslim says that they don't pray to statues or other stuffs (animinisme), but why do they go around that huge chunk of stone that is in Mekah? Tell me. And which religion requires someone to kill animals in the praying ground mercilessly? I'm talking about Qurban. Why? It seems that one of the prophet last time, sacrificed his son for some reason. And now the Muslims MUST sacrifice the animals once a year to remember the the prophet's action. Thats dumb. Seriously. And if you are so into it, why don't you kill your own son? Why animals? Bloodthirsty.

And about these people who follow this Black Metal rituals, they are dumb. They don't think. They take songs too seriously. I wonder what's going to happen if they hear Gloomy Sunday. They might just jump out of the window or in front of a moving train. Yes, bands do have these rituals written in their lyrics. But they don't tend to make the listeners follow the lyrics. Even the bandmembers don't do that (unless the crazy ones). It's just lyrics to make the song great, that's it. You can never see Europe people performing these rituals and stuff. And even if they do, people just don't care because they have better things to care about. It's not like this in Malaysia. This country, they seem to care more that the smaller issues rather than the bigger ones. It's bullshit.

All we (Metalheads) are saying that, eventhought we listen or make songs against God, we don't go around saying that your religion is bad. It is your choice. But yet there are some dumbfucks who always want to put their ass into our business. Black metal is not evil. You are! You force people to follow your corrupt religion, rather than leaving them in peace. There is only 1 race, the human race.


Anonymous said...

The place he is talking is like those mamak shops with the little plastic stuff hanging behind !! sweeties etc !!! old school siut !

Anonymous said...

why dont u just move to singapore?
most of ur entries are just well... trashing around.

take a look back into your life and think how u'd make it better.

el_fuser said...

oh well i am taking a look back at my life.. and whats about singapore??

shah & drew said...


kill animals in the praying ground "mercilessly"?

go do your research about the slaughtering methods in Islam first, then say whether it's what you think it is.

every HALAL meat you eat has been slaughtered that way.

don't like anything HALAL? then maybe you really should consider moving. you can't move new zealand. australia will following NZ soon. so neither can you move there.

hmmmm, you are funny! :p

shah & drew said...

OMG, my grammar!

*move TO new zealand

*will BE following

el_fuser said...

oh shah u freak.. u are back... i didnt thought u will be reading my blogs... i dont care about the slaughtering methods in Islam. i just think that it sucks. Don't u feel pity for those animals?? well i guess u people dont. and yea, i'm malaysian.. and since malaysia is controlled by muslim laws everywhere, we all have to eat halal meat. We can sacrifice abit of ourselves. but can u? can u even eat food from the same plate or 'kuali' that serves pork? no u cant. u cant even sacrifice urself abit and ur talking as thought u sacrifice alot. haih syah u are funny too :P

(sorry for the english.. i'm not soo good)

Anonymous said...

Wooooooow ur smart.... poo poo on u with all ur sacrificicle tlk! just live yoy lif and enjoy wut yall have! if yall wanna nuda wurld den life it yoyselfs! ya hear me?

Anonymous said...

poo poo on yall!!!

Anonymous said...

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