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The Last Supper

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Truth 2

Breaking News –- Two Chinese gold medalists are actually, Titanium robots!
- August 14, 2008 3:35 pm EDT

Everyone was faked out, but the spark of truth lit up during the 10-meter platform synchronization finals in the Water Cube on August 12, when CNM reporter Don Wotjz noticed the unusual body motion and “calmness” shown by the two Chinese divers, Wang Xin and Chen Ruolin. While viewers were stunned by Wang and Chen’s unbelievable precision, Don also noticed something overlooked by the overwhelmed audience - the exact same physical profiles that only belong to the twins - but they have different last names.

Don went on to investigate the histories of these two "athletes". It became obvious quickly that neither existed two years ago, at least according to the international knowledge. In addition, their prior records were incredibly simple, or incomplete. It's almost impossible to find out any past stories about them, if there were truly any.

The spark of truth became even brighter when Don got hold of a Chinese magazine - Official China Weekly. On the June 8, 2006 issue, there was an article about Hi-Tech robots made for the Olympic Games. It stated that at least two Titanium robots were completed, by HuaWei Technology Corp ( The article didn't specify what the robots would be used for. Given all the Hi-Tech elements shown in the opening ceremony, it's not too much of a stretch that they were made to "divers".

During the investigation, Don also met an American (Anderson Brown) who was at the Water Cube on August 12, telling him what he saw during the contest. Anderson witnessed a group of five men in a luxury viewing box, with some complex equipments, probably remote control/monitoring device. They were not interested in the dives, except of the Chinese divers. In fact, Anderson recalled, their attention was always focused on the Chinese divers, regardless what else was going on in the Water Cube.

Don presented his findings to the IOC this morning, along with some other strong evidence yet to be disclosed. Given the inarguable facts, IOC officials promised a thorough investigation.

No news matches the magnitude of this one. Although previous accusations on the simulated firework or lip sync generated big fanfares, after all they were parts of a performance show, openly announced by the Chinese to the public. But the impact and damage of this one can never be under-estimated.

Meanwhile, Don has instantly become a hero, and the most famous reporter today. Asked about how he feels, he said: "Great, it helped me getting over the fact that China is sitting on top of my country on the medal stand… I’m also glad that I made it ahead of other people. If I don’t make up this story, they will."

Olympic Truth

China cheated again – Male athlete in Women’s Badminton Finals"
- August 17, 2008 3:35 pm EDT

Jane Lee is a 9year old Korean American girl, living in Pasadena California. Jane’s favorite sport is badminton, and she is a fan of Korean national team players, Kyungwon Lee and Hyojung Lee. Naturally, when South Korean played in the Women’s Doubles Final against Du Jing and Yu Yang from China on August 15, Jane turned on the TV to watch the game.

Jane thought she picked the wrong channel, when she saw two male athletes, in Chinese team uniforms, warming up in the court. She checked the TV schedule again, surely, she had the correct Channel. Then the camera turned to the other side of the court, there were her favorites, Kyungwon and Hyojing, warming up. Jane was confused. She asked his dad, Hyansun Lee, who just came into the family room.

Watching the mystery on the screen himself, Hyansun’s thoughts span fast:”Could it be the Olympics this year added a Men vs. Women game? Given all the Rights activities going on around the world, it’s not totally impossible. But there hasn’t been any news report about it.” Just then, the game commentator announced: “The Chinese ladies will serve first…” That stopped Hyansun’s thought spin, but made his head shake. But he quickly settled down, told Jane that the Chinese players were ladies, and then went to his office with an unconvinced heart.

Hyansun turned on his computer, hoping to find out the real gender of the Chinese players. Google search on the name “Yu Yang” returned 55,600 items, not a surprise given the population of China. But Hyansun was not deterred. After hours of filtering, the glaring result was in front of his eyes – ignoring the uncertain ones, 220 are male, 24 are female – Meant there is a 90% possibility that “Yu Yang” is a man.

This alone was certainly not convincing enough, so Hyansun went on to check the game statistics. As a badminton player himself, he knew there is a sharp difference of aggressiveness between male and female players (as in anything else). 55% ~ 75% of the plays by male badminton player are attacks in nature, while the same percentage range for female is defensive or neutral relay. As for Yu Wang? 62% plays were killing attempts, which put her, or rather him, squarely in the male category.

Although these results pointed to the right direction, Hyansun knew that they were inconclusive. So he emailed a help request to Don Wotjz, the famous CNM reporter in Beijing who broke the Robot Diver story. Upon receiving the email, Don carefully reviewed the video and game statistics himself. Quickly realizing this could be something big again, he went to work right away. Don contacted several people in the Chinese Athletics Organization. Everyone responded insisted that these players are female. But Don became more suspicious, because no one offered any proof, except their passports.

There was more in Don's arsenal. He had access to official records of the sport events in China. Among all the badminton games in the past three years, there is only one record showing Yu Wang won a Man’s Single champion in the Badminton Tournament in Shanghai China. No female Yu Wang winner documented at all.

Don submitted a investigation request to IOC, which was promptly denied, citing “insufficient evidence”. Don was determined not to let this serious misdeed get ignored. He informed several media that a protest would be staged. Asked in which of the three parks assigned by Beijing government for public protests, Don said, “None. We will put up signs on some tall profile buildings… You don’t get attention by obeying the law.” Which everyone knows it’s true. He promised to inform us the location in the last minute, but didn’t offer clues on how to break through security and safety lines.

Questioned about the possibility of being arrested, Don said: “Someone has to stand out and sacrifice. That’s what hero is made of… We need more protests. Ten days into the Olympic Games, the total number of protesters arrested in Beijing is fewer than the protesters arrested in DisneyLand California yesterday (32). We need to catch up.”

As for Hyanson in Pasadena, he is still waiting for the truth. He thinks his daughter deserves the truth. Indeed, 9yr old Jane deserves the truth, the kids in the world deserve the truth, the whole world deserves the truth.

- Scott Swanson, CNM (Center of News Markers)
How old is the middle one? Take a guess? I say 13?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Close Down

I'm closing down this blogspot in a few weeks. Thank you for reading.

Friday, August 15, 2008


UiTM students protest against suggestion to open doors to non-Bumis

About 5,000 students from the Permatang Pauh campus of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) held a peaceful protest against the suggestion by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim that the university open its doors to non-bumiputeras.

The students wore black and gathered at the campus’s field from 9am for an hour and sang the varsity’s official anthem and patriotic songs.

They dispersed after the head of the students’ representative council, Mohd Faizal Zainol, handed over a memorandum to the deputy director of the academic division, Dr Mohd Abdullah Hemdi.

Mohd Abdullah told reporters the memorandum will be handed over to the university’s vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah to be handed over to Abdul Khalid.

“If Abdul Khalid does not retract his statement all UiTM students will have a huge gathering in Shah Alam. We hope the issue of a non-bumiputera quota is not discussed again. We regret that Abdul Khalid has not upheld his race’s rights,” Mohd Faizol said.
Yesterday about 20,000 students from six UiTM campuses had protests. They werev at campuses at Seri Iskandar in Perak, Arau (Perlis), Bandar Jengka (Pahang), Melaka, Sungai Petani (Kedah) and Kuala Terengganu (Terengganu).

Students at the main campus at Shah Alam, Selangor and at the Machang, Kelantan campus held theirs on Wednesday.

In KUALA PILAH, 300 students of the Negeri Sembilan campus gathered in protest. A memorandum was handed over to the head of the students and alumni department, Ahmad Nawir Abu Amrin.

In KOTA KINABALU, about 2,000 students of the Sabah campus gathered in protest and also handed over a memorandum.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had said that Abdul Khalid had no authority on the quota of UiTm students while Ibrahim said Abdul khalid’s statement implied that the university lacked in quality whereas records showed otherwise.

Source : NST Online, August 16 2008, 2:04 am


Now the question is, what the fuck is wrong with having non bumis in your school? I mean come on. Even the Prime Minister? Sleep forever Mr Badawi.