The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

for all malaysians

Well as we all know, the AFC (Asian Football Cup or whatsoever) is going on around the Asian region. Malaysia is also taking part in that competition. So our 1st game was against China, a World Cup experienced team. Here is the score : Malaysia 1 China 5

what the hell??? 5 goals at home conceded?? I mean come on. Many of us paid fucking money to watch you people play like headless chickens? What the hell is wrong with the country? Can't even play proper football??

Okla so China is an experienced team, played in World Cup. So what? I never notice any of the Chinese players who were playing in World Cup playing against us. Stupid. Disappointing. Out of 11 Malaysian players, 9 MUST be malays, 1 indian and 1 chinese. And out of the 9 malays, 9 are smokers and 9 are bufallo eaters. No stamina, no speed, cannot jump, cannot tackle. Nothing. They are plain useless. I think if we let the chinese play in an empty field, they would score less goals. And yeah. Malaysia lost 5-0 at home to Uzbekistan. Put some fast Indians and hardworking Chinese in the football team for the love of the country.

This country is so doomed. The only sport we can excel in is hockey. Eh wait! None actually. If only congkak and batu seremban are international sports. Balls.

Not only in sport. This country is so doomed in everything. Heard about the 2 astronauts that are going to the space? Well the last i heard was each of them cost RM 45 million. So 2 of them is RM 90 million. My friend did a calculation and said that each of us paid RM 4 to send those stupid assholes up. They are not gonna walk on the moon, they are not gonna walk on space. Guess what they are gonna do there? Play congkak and make teh tarik in the space shuttle. WHAT THE FUCK??!! Why the hell you wanna pay RM 90 million for 2 idiots to play congkak and make teh tarik up in the space? So much money? Wanna repair the leaking roof in Parliment also taking so long time. And gimme back my RM 4. I rather go eat in mamak.

Racism is another issue here. Imagine this. Siti Nurhaliza just made few good songs and she's a Datuk. That Saravanan guy who won the Gold Medal in the walking competition in Commenwealth 1998 was promised a house and a Perdana V6. What did he get? Empty promises. If its not racism then what is it? And that indian guy who conquered Mt Everest, what did he get? Nothing. Frostbite is what he got. I heard he lost his 3 fingers.

And those stupid JAIS (Jabatan Agama Islam) motherfuckers. Why fight over the body of that indian guy who converted to muslim(the same guy who conquered mount everest,i forgot his name)? Why show up only when he's dead? You people didn't give 2 fucks about him when he was alive. And when he died, like maggots you fuckers came and tried to claim his body. What would his family feel? And when the wife was dumbfounded, you asked her to complain to Syariah Court. The percentage of the poor wife winning the case is 0%. Of course you fanatic motherfuckers will turn a deaf ear when she complains. End of the day, she gets nothing. It's just like a robbery.

And hipocrisy. There is this gang in Malaysia called the '3 Line'. Pro bumiputera gang. These fuckers are so called pro bumiputras but all of them are alcoholics. And they keep bragging about what they are, how important they are to the malay community and stuffs. Fuck off. These people rob other innocents, break into their homes, murder, fights, robbery everything la. Most of them are Mat Rempits. And goverment and the police just don't care about them. They are everywhere in Malaysia. What are the police doing? Nothing. To say the police are risking their lives to protect the country is a bullshit. 90% of them takes bribe. And they don't protect the country. They even kill innocents. Remember the story of 4 young kids who were on their way back home from somewhere, rammed by a police patrol car? 2 of them died, 2 others in coma. 2 pair of brothers.

I am sending this message to the people out there. Lets look back at those days, when the country was peaceful, when they manage to beat South Korea 4-0 in football, when the crooks had their balls in their throats when approached by the police. What changed these?? RACISM, HIPOCRISY, IGNORANCE AND THE ELITE. Not forgetting the most dangerous poison of all, GREED.

I'm not saying things about the malays. You wanna call me racist, hey be my guest. But deep inside you all know what i am talking about and i'm spitting truth. I'm not satisfied with the way the country does it's business. Get rid of those fanatic one sided bastards, no matter athletes or ministers, and then the country will run smooth. Trust me.

~I'm too sleepy to bitch more.. !! Fuck you fanatic assholes.~


el_fuser said...

you know, if one day i got the power as the prime minister, i am gonna change everything. i will fire everyone(especially Jamaludin Jarjis and The monkey-faced Hishamuddin) in the cabinet (keep those who are really committed to the job), bubarkan FAM (malaysian football federation), appoint a new coach for our national team (Steve Darby at least) and change the stupid way the country is running. Everyone are the same. No one higher no one lower. It's fucking simple.

Anonymous said...

Hidup Sam

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