The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm bored. So i decided to blog. today i'm gonna blog about these groups of musicians that are named 'metal' or 'headbanggers'.

Well whenever people hear the word 'metal', they tend to think negative about it. They think metal is an 'ajaran sesat' with drinking goats blood and peeing on their bible. Well thats not metal. Those are dumbfucks. Those are the pussies that listen to metals but tend to take the lyrics seriously. I admit, metal lyrics are kind of like expressing their anger at religions, not accepting God and praising Satan (especially Black Metal) but then, these headbanggers don't practise what is in their lyrics. Some are freethinkers, yes, but they don't pee on the bible and drink goat's blood. Because goat's milk is enough for them. ;-)

I too listen to metal. I listen to Kalmah, Behemoth, Rotting Christ, Wintersun, Ensiferum and etc. But i don't go like shoot my friends and parents just because Kalmah has those words in their lyrics. It's just a fucking song. But i would kill for my songs. It's one of the things that shapes my life. Can't live without it.

There are different kinds of metal. We have Power Metal, Black Metal, Trash Metal, Melodic Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Extreme Metal, Viking Metal, Folk Metal, Industrious Metal, Speed Metal and others la. They are not the same. They have their own styles.

Power metal is a little bit faster and they have this freaking long guitar solos. Example of group are like In Flames. Black Metal have their Satanic and scary kind of lyrics. Example : Rotting Christ, Behemoth. Trash Metal are something like Metallica. Usually trash music is just like trash. They don't have orientated musical sound. They just trash! Melodic metal have their own tunes. They are a bit pleasing to the ears. They have keyboards sound, bagpipes and flutes.
And they have screaming vocals but their voices are clear during the chorus. Kind of melodic. Examples: Wintersun. Melodic Death Metal are a bit heavier. They have heavier bass and guitar. But they have keyboards too. And they growl. They don't scream much. Example: Kalmah. Extreme Metal is a bit complicating. They mix everything in their songs. They mix black, death, gothic and others. Theirs songs will not be in one tune. Sometimes drums are fast, sometimes slow. They will keep changing the tune in their songs. Example : Cradle of Filth. Viking metal songs are basicly same as melodic. But their lyrics are about ancient wars, such as the viking wars. Example : Ensiferum. Folk metal is a bit nice. Their are melodic but more to jungle kind of songs. They emphasize more on keyboard, flutes and more guitar solos. Examples : Koorpiklani. Industrious metals are good. Artists like Marilyn Manson and Rammstein are in this category. They are heavy and they play everything heavily. Guitar, drums and bass all are together heavy. They don't emphasize on one equipment only. Speed metal emphasizes a lot on their guitars. Bands like Dragon Force. Too many guitarist (3), too many and long solos. I don't support them because in music, every equipment counts. Too much of guitar will spoil the songs.

So thats about it. Never think metal is bad. In fact i feel metal is good. Because they make their own beats and tunes. Not like hip hop. In hip hop, someone just need to rap. Thats it. The tunes are set by machines. Thats not music already. Thats why i don't support hip hop artists and songs. Yet they get more publicity than these headbanggers. Its kind of unfair but we headbanggers don't mind. But what bothers us is that these 'fans' of hip hop telling metal is bad, too loud and they scream. To scream, they need talent. For hip hop, they just need to sing. The computers can change the vocals to rap. All depending on machines.

So now i hope you readers learn what is metal and don't write them off. Headbanggers are just headbanggers. We don't need publicity and money. We just make music and listen. Good enough. I can bet that most of the readers only know Metallica. Or maybe Cradle of Filth. Open up your music scope. Then you are a true music fan. If you don't, then don't talk about music in public. When i see someone talks about music in public, and he's a radio bands fan (Linkin Park, Simple Plan), i'm gonna take the chair and wack his head and will tell him, " Grow up, kid! You know nuts about music." Haha adios.


Anonymous said...

Hip hop artists don't actually "sing" on their own songs either.

sad said...

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