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The Last Supper

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Open Letter To The New Cabinet : Leave Now

Posted by Malaysia Today
Friday, 21 March 2008
By Little Bird

The shit has started hitting the fan. Just received an SMS that an SUPP MP in Serian, Sarawak has quit the BN and may join PKR. Double checked and found out that the Serian MP is a 'problem fellow' but cannot confirm the rumour.

If true this could be the first of the defections in East Malaysia that everyone is talking about. At this point in time we will not question their motives or what 'attracted' them but this looks like the death knell for the BN. If Idiot is still Prime Minister tomorrow, it will only get worse.

Received another SMS that the new Selangor State Government has discovered files which indicate that the Toyol fellow had acquired previously TOL land in Kajang for RM2.00 psf and then made the PKNS buy it back from him (through proxies lah of course) at RM22 psf.

The Toyol fellow made RM59.0 million from this curi duit case alone and even gave the Kajang EXCOs seven figure handshakes for helping him in this dastardly deed. I hope the new MB digs up all the shit and really throws these morons into jail.

Oops, just received yet another SMS. The S-I-L is still monkeying around with Idiot. The MP from Sabah who turned down the Deputy Minister's post said the Khairy boys offered him a Ministership post just before he resigned. Oh well. It was too late. Orang sudah fed up.

This morning there was a Police chopper called in to check out some Maulud Nabi gathering where the King was supposed to be in attendance. Some disgruntled UMNO boys wanted to hand over another petition to the King asking him to fire Idiot. These are all rumours flying around.

Also heard a rumour that the Deputy health Minister (some doctor fellow) may be quitting the Cabinet too.

Then sources close to the UMNO gods say that so far 68 bahagian have already indicated positively that they will nominate Tengku Razaleigh for presiden parti. Najib is NOT in this picture. There is a movement to start this landslide rolling from April onwards. What does that mean ? Use your otak lah. Orang Melayu pun mesti ada otak kan? But that is an august story for the month of August, correct? Correct, correct, correct.

So here is my advice to the new Cabinet. Leave now. Resign and go away quietly, including Dato Najib. If you don't leave now here is my assessment of what will happen.

1. If the defections in East Malaysia gain momentum, then there is nothing more to say. UMNO and BN are finished.

2. Idiot will have to resign, sooner or later. When he resigns (NOT if but when, ok) you will all go down in history as the shortest serving Cabinet in Malaysia. No one else will want to be associated with you anymore.

If Najib is still around and he takes over, he will empty the Cabinet of all the unwanted riff raff. All the Khairy cronies will go, the idiots will go too and those who cannot speaka de Inglish will all be gone. So the smart money says go and pay your respects to Najib and then just resign. That way you can claim that your resignation helped to expedite Idiot's exit. Then maybe, if Najib survives all this, he may give you a chance to get back into Cabinet. Which will also end in disaster anyway. Whichever way you go, you are all screwed.

3. Then there is the Tengku Razaleigh factor. There is strong undercurrent that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah will have solid support this time around. The party members will also most likely push for an early Assembly and Election. They will kick Idiot out onto the streets. When this happens, Ku Li will sweep the slate clean. All of you idiots will have to go. Ku Li appears to be the best bet for the UMNO boys at this point in time. He comes with no baggage and no scandals. At 71 years of age Ku Li also does not present any real dynastic threats to the future of UMNO or the nation. Hence Raja Petra Kamarudin is also rooting for Tengku Razaleigh.

And what will Tengku Razaleigh do? He will set things in order and then call a snap election. More than half the BN candidates in the snap elections will be new faces. Ku Li will promise real reforms in UMNO and the BN and the country. The PM may be restricted to two terms, the UMNO president may be restricted to two terms, the ketua bahagian will be restricted to two terms etc. The disgruntled Malays and maybe even the Chinese and Indians will rally around Ku Li. It may be a new beginning for the country again. This is a real possibility.

And what will S-I-L do? He has a RM500 million war chest which he will use to buy out the bahagian which support Ku Li. He also has the Perkida gangsters who threatened the Mukhriz boys in Sungei Petani recently. They can all be easily thwarted if the bahagian have their pencalonan all on the same day. The S-I-L will also suffer a more terrible fate. It is better for him to leave the country as soon as possible. He can leave behind the porpoise look alike wife.

But in all three scenarios the Idiot leaves the scene. So Tan Sri dan Dato-Dato Ahli Cabinet, make things easy for the country and for all of us, including you. Resign now. Quit now. Leave now. Let Idiot hang by himself. Otherwise if you still hang around him, you are all going to hang together with Idiot. Then no one can save you.

Wahai Menteri-Menteri yang saya sangat susah nak kasihi buat masa ini, listen to the Blogs Jangan jadi bodoh lagi ! Instead of calling bloggers bored housewives and other stupid stuff like that, if you had only listened to us Bloggers you would not be in such deep shit. So listen to the Blogs.

The Perdana Menteri, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is going down. Down, down, down. If you stick around with him, he will take you down with him. You will all also go down, down, down.


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