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The Last Supper

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Friday, March 14, 2008

This is Awesome

Champions league quartefinals!!

Arsenal vs Liverpool
Man Utd vs AS Roma
Chelsea vs Fenerbahce
Schalke 04 vs FC Barcelona

Damn! Never asked for a better draw. This would be interesting, win or lost! And fuck that again, Man Utd and Chelsea with easier draws, as always. Anyway winner of Arsenal vs Liverpool will meet winner of Chelsea vs Fenerbahce. 1st leg on 1st April and 2nd leg on 8th April. Between that game, we have Liverpool again for Premier League!! And another best part is, we're having Man Utd either before or after that games (i'm not sure) and also Everton!! Awesomeness never been this good! Bring on the Scousers!!


Jagjit Singh said...

Roma are currently second in Serie A
Liverpool are forth and fighting with Everton for forth.

You tell me now who has the easier draw? stop complaining and tell ur little kiddos to start playing proper football and not draw 4 consecutive games! hehehe

Glory Glory Men United!!

el_fuser said...
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el_fuser said...

haha jagjit u asshole.. come to think of it, i'm kinda proud u called us kids.. you are a team who spent 50 mil in one season to win the title, compare to a team that whole squad is half the price than your back four, and still challenging for the title.. makes me proud.. i didnt say the draw was easy for us.. if you watched champions league game other than man utd's (which i doubt u don't), u'll realise that arsenal is having the thoughest draw. i don't wanna waste my energy explaining to you, but yea try watching some football ok..

Anonymous said...

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