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The Last Supper

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

why wenger is a wizard in purchasing players??

Above, is Nicholas Anelka. A striker which was infact, the very 1st 'diamond' Arsene Wenger unearthed. This guy was brilliant, fast and clinical. But, due to his skills and he was also itching to go to 'bigger' club, he was sold to Real Madrid for 33 million pounds. 33 million??? God damn it. Real Madrid really wanted this guy. Then he went to Liverpool (i think), to Man City , Fenerbahce and Bolton. Actually i'm not bothered because i don't keep in tabs with him. So much for 'bigger' club, eh asshole?? Anyway, with that 33 million, Wenger has proved to the world that he's the transfer market wizard that no other manager could come close.

1st buy, Sylvain Wiltord for 11 million pounds from somewhere in France. I'd say that it's worth it. Remember this picture? This is the goal scored by Wiltord against Man Utd in Old Trafford. This is the same goal that clinched the title for us. And he scored brilliant and important goals too. Wiltord left to Lyon for free around 2002 or 2003.

This goes to Manpreet. 2nd purchase : Robert Pires, 11 million pounds from Marseille. Robert Pires was one of the most feared winger to play in England. Who? Christiano Ronaldo? Fuck off. Ronaldo cannot be compared to Robert. Robert has won us numerous FA Cup, Premier League titles, and made Manpreet Kaur an Arsenal fan. Hehe. Robert remains as a legend in our heart, forever.

Purchase #3: Thierry Henry for fucking 11 million pounds. Aint that what we call a bargain?? This guy, is the best footballer the world has ever seen, yet he is still misjudged. There is nothing this player can't do. Name it. Freekicks, penalties, corners, headers, placings, long shots, assist, crosses. All that in 11 million pounds package. Top scorer and top assist in 3 years running.
So as we can see. Henry + Pires + Wiltord = Anelka??? Nah. Doesn't sound right. Heck.
11 mil + 11 mil + another 11 mil = Anelka?? Hmm.. Wait. Henry (11 mil) + Pires (11 mil) + Wiltord (11 mil) = Anelka (33 mil)??? Argh who gives a shit?? You people got what i mean right?

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