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The Last Supper

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Friday, April 20, 2007

stupid dumbfuck

I was reading the Star Online today and this is what i found (no not another football blog):

College student loses RM148,000

"A college student lost all her college fees totalling RM148,000 to a syndicate which told her that she had won RM3.3mil in two Internet lucky draws.

The 20-year-old student first received a call on March 20 from a woman telling her that she had won RM120,000 in a Hong Kong Turf Club online draw.
But in order to collect her winnings, she was told to deposit RM46,000 as insurance and processing fees.

She then transferred the amount into an overseas bank account on March 30.
George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said later the same day, she received another call from a man informing her that she had won another RM3.2mil in a bonus draw.

"She managed to raise another RM102,000 which was the fees for the whole duration of her course. The money was then deposited into the same account on Wednesday.

"After not hearing anything from the callers, she realised she had been cheated and made a police report the next day,” he said on Friday. "


How on Earth people can be this stupid?? A college student? My balls. This is much more stupid than falling down in a 6 feet wide drain.

A lot of this cheatings are happening around Malaysia. The Akademi Fantasia shit, The Malaysian idol crap and all those fantasy shows. I mean whats the point you vote for them??

Okay you vote, the girls win, you guys wank off at night and get up in the morning to realise that you've lost RM53 in that stupid sms contest? Fuckolls.

I hate this fucking Akademy Fantasia and Malaysian Idol. What do you get by watching it? I mean i don't get it. Some bunch of idiots standing on the stage, singing songs which are composed by big artists such as Mariah Carey or James Blunt, and gets scolding everytime they sing like shit. I mean, why don't create a show where the participants have to create their own songs and sing it. Malaysian idol?? Even a girl with a pierced tongue from an estate can sing. And win!! If you still don't know what I am talking about, search for Jacqline Victor or however her name is spelled ( i dont give a shit la) in google. And by the way, your 'Ipoh Mali' song which you duet with the botak Point Blanc is so shitty la. Everytime it goes on the radio, i switch it off. And i've heard tht same tune somewhere. Tupac?? Asshole.

Some people think , if they got in Malaysian idol or Akademi Fantasia thingy, and got kicked their ass out, are better than people who didn't participate in that shows. 2 words : Fuck off, kids. Oh sorry, 3 words. Who in this world gives a shit if you participate in that stupid show? I can bet that your dad is watching a movie which he watched a thousand times before on HBO or watching a repeated game between Angola and Barbados on ESPN while you are singing live on Ria. As i mentioned, nobody gives 2 fucks about u.

Mawi, don't you ever think you can escape from my blogs. This guy won Akademi Fantasia 1. And now look at him, instant millionaire. He's also been appearing in some stupid noodles and some tea advertisement. Motherfucker ain't worth a jackshit and now he's a millionaire. Talk about equality in Malaysia. And you buggers are fighting over the body of Mahendran (the Everest climber)? Stupid dumbfucks.

Ahh i'm too fucking hungry to bitch more. But i'll be back soon. With a very rasict blog. I don't care if you wanna call me rasict or whatever, the goverment can shuff a broom up its ass and call me daddy. Assholes.


Captain_Bhangra_Dev said...

i HATE tat akedemi fantasia shit too man...every1 wants to be part of it and shuv sum cash ur their arses..magazines, ringtones, noodles, condoms(it wudnt suprise me if u see mawi's face on a condom)..AF is nothin compared to even rollie, polie, olie...

Che Yakov Ben Che Yosef said...

The GUY aka MAWI won Akademi Fantasia 3 not 1, for Che Guevara sake !

You are such a disgrace to Che !
Long live the revolution !

el_fuser said...

arh fuck it i dont bother about mawi man.. haha

sad said...

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