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The Last Supper

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ronaldo for Player of the Year?? My balls!!

Christiano Ronaldo. Few facts about him :
1) Thinks he's going to win the EPL Player Of The Year just by showing of some skills in front of National TV and 60,000 one-minded crowds.
2) Dives better than Olympic divers.
3) Tend to fall when a defender comes near.
4) Thinks he's the hottest hunk in world football.
5) Forgot about his past, that he came from a ghetto in Portugal.
6) Plays for Portugal and thinks that he's the backbone of the team.
7) No respect for Portuguese fans.
8) Has too much tears to shade. Pussy!

It doesn't matter if your skillfull or have fast feet or as light as a feather, you just can't win any awards. Moreover if your name is Christiano Ronaldo. This guy is a jackass. Even the real Man Utd fans hate him. I mean, the real ones. Not the ones who support Manchester United only after 1999, when they won the treble of course! That was the time where some football geeks who want to 'get in the conversation', started supporting Man Utd.

Anyway it doesn't matter. Ronaldo winning Player of the Year will be a major rip off. Drogba, who scored 30 goals for Chelsea, no matter headers, free kicks, left foot, right foot or even with his shin, is my choice to win. Nuff said.

Ok so you have great skills, nice to watch. Performing that skills against Watford when you are 3-0 up, is one case. But performing that skills in Champions League semifinal against an Italian opponent in Italy, and finishing it off, is another. Impossible asshole?? Henry did it against Inter. And since everyone is saying that you're greater than God himself, why don't show us something?

And what's with the crying, pussy? Never been a looser in football before? I though you were a full time looser like all those Man Utd fans, who don't even know what's your ex-club is. Did you thought that Portugal, with a player like you, is going to win some major trophies? They can, but if only you PASS THE FREAKING BALL!! Whats the use of you dribbling the whole squad and not passing? Unless you can finish it up like what Henry did against Tottenham 'food-poisoned' Hotscums and The Galacticos, then we'll have something to talk about.

I hate that Ronaldo. Call him a football player again, and i'll shuff a broom up your ass. And yeah, after the winking incident in World Cup against Rooney, Ronaldo thought of a way to say sorry. And here it is:



Anonymous said...

Vai-te foder, Ronaldo é um grande jogador. O Ronney não joga um caralho, bem gostava ele de estar à altura do Ronaldo. Odeio que pessoal como tu use a imagem de Ernesto Guevara, ou dos Rage, ainda por cima cometes o contrasenso nrutal de defenderes duas filosofias completamente opostas.....

el_fuser said...

i dunno what he was saying, but what i know is he supports Rage Against The Machine and hates ronaldo!! Welcome to the club!!

sad said...

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