The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

God's perfect creations

This croc was caught in one of the African countries. Look at the size of that beast.

Looks small to you?? Check the other picture.

This beast easily weights 1 or 2 tonnes. My 2nd favourite creature. And for my number 1:
Ahh. This is a fucking spoiler. This ain't my number 1 creature. For your information, this scene is from the movie Deep Blue Sea. And this is a Mako Shark, fucking fierce fish, but believed to be extint. Yea, the scientist lost his hand there. Stupid scientist. And for my number 1 creature, God's most perfect creation:
Here it is. The Great White Shark. I forgot it's scientific name, Megatrodon something. Megatrodon was a dinosaur, the ancestors of Great White. And i've seen in discovery channel, about megatrodons. Imagine, fiercer than these buggers and the best part, size as large as a whale. Their food, whales of course! Damn! Luckily thing they are extint.

This Great White Shark is a very unique animal. It has 5 or 6 ways of hunting. I'll tell you people later. For now, just enjoy the pictures.

Ain't that bugger scary?? Yet i find it freaking beautiful.

Ok. Can you people see it's snout? Ok. This is wierd, but whenever anyone or anything touches and holds the sharks snout, the shark will be somesort like, errmm paralysed. It means can't moves or swim or whatever. Until you let go of the snout.

Looking for trouble eh?? The fella *ngap your hand once then you know!

Look at that beauty. I assume that most of you know where these fishes got their name from. But i'll still explain because i'm kinda enthusiastic when it comes to this animals. OK you see the colour difference ? It's black on top and white below rite? The white part of the body is the only thing that differentiate this fish than others. That's why it's named Great White Shark. Great is for of course, great!

Check out the size of this mother. And did you people know, that by touching it's skin will cause your hand to bleed?It's scales can cut through your skin. It's because it's skin, or shall we call scales, are made of the same elements that made it's teeth. And it's scales are sharp. That's why the divers wear chain gloves when dealing with these monsters. Their scales can even tear the shit out of rubber gloves.

The best picture i have. Aint that fish awesome. Freaking big i tell u!

And imagine you're on that kayak. Some of you would have shat in their pants. Haha.
Anyway i wanted to share with you people about that beast's hunting skill.
1) Eyes : Do u know that whenever a great white takes a bite of it's prey, it rolls it's eyes back and closes it? It's because she don't want her eyes to get hurt while attacking.
2) Smell: This bagger can smell blood like nobody's bussiness. I forgot about the ratio, but for a rough example, it can smell a drop of blood hundreds of miles away.
3) Scales : The scales plays an important part in hunting. Especially among those blinded sharks. The scales can sense a sudden change in the direction of the waves. Like a seal taking a dive or human legs kicking around in the water. Muahahaha.
4) Lateral line: Same thing as scales. The lateral line is the border of the white and black colour on it's skin.
5) Electromagnetic : This is by far the most interesting method of hunting. Sharks do have organs that can sense magnetic force. Every shark has one, but the most common example is the Hammerhead. These sharks detects heartbeat of the prey.
For an additional information, have you people heard about the Torpedo? No, its not the missile. It's a stingray. It's hunting skill is quite impressive. Whenever it spots a prey, it'll roam above it and covers the prey (fish, lobsters, etc) with its long fins that look like wings. When the prey is fully covered, it'll releases 3 to 4 shots of electricity in that area where it covers with its 'wings'.
At the 3rd shot of electricity, the prey's backbone will be snapped. Making it paralyse. Ahh fuck i can't spell paralyse. Damn. Anyway Stingray's are in the same family as sharks. :-)
Ok got to go now people. Take care.


ChoCaFeInoHoLiC said...

lol im gonna be mean here.... i love sharks... but i love shark fin soup even better... kekekeke...

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