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The Last Supper

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

What happened to Man Utd and Spurs fans, that didn't happen to any other fans???

"Where am i?? Who am i?? What am i doing here? Whose that??
Shrek , is that you??" Man Utd fan got TRASHED the shit out of him.

"Snort!! Argh not again. I shouldn't have drank the gin" Tottenham fan shat in his pants while got beating from the police in Spain.


Ok by looking at those 2 pics up there, you might have guessed what i'm gonna write about today. Well basicly, fans of 2 clubs got trashed the shit out of themselves in 2 different European games. We'll talk about Man Utd's 1st.

It wasn't a suprise when i saw these incident happening live on tv. Italian football is known for their rough fans and their strict police. In many point of view, it's the Italians fault. But it's totally different in my point of view. Well, you see. I blame the fans and Alex Ferguson. Well you see, 4-5 seasons back, Chelsea played Lazio and Chelsea won the game 4-0. And who can forget one of the BEST EUROPEAN GAME EVER, Arsenal wacking the shit out of Inter Milan, 5-1. And oh yea, both Chelsea and Arsenal won in ITALY. But hey, nothing happened. How come? Because these fans respect the opponent. They didn't boo whenever the Italian teams make a faul, or hit the post or whatever.

And i blame Man Utd for not respecting the opposition. Italian FA said no beers allowed in the stadium, but like dogs, Man Utd fans disobey the order. Wait, i don't wanna disgrace the dogs, so i rephrase : Man Utd fans didn't follow the orders. They drank in the stadium. That's one reason why the police acted so violently.

Second reason, "Totti?? Whose Totti??" Alex ' The pig-faced' Ferguson didn't respect Totti. It's a disrespect, obviously. And what happen?? Voila! 13 Man Utd fans had to spend an extra night in Rome, in the hospitals.

It's a good thing that these fans learnt a lesson, never disrespect your opponent. No matter it's Leeds, Charlton or Southend (oopsie). If you (Man Utd fans) think that Man Utd is the best team in EPL, then why hoping for Arsenal to beat Chelsea? Beat them your ownself la. Away ah? Aiyo Arsenal also can win away la. Against you cunts. Fucking stupid fans. Whats the use of leading the table, but hoping for the other teams to beat your strongest rival?? Look at Chelsea last 2 seasons.

And yeah, i didn't mention about Tottenham la. Anyway who gives a shit about them. They can't win shit, yet they spend double than the Gunners every year. Same goes to Newcastle. But there is one thing i want to say here. You can never say that Italians are rasict, because Spurs's fans got wacked by SPANISH police. Dickhead Englishmen.

And yeah, did you know that Arsenal is the only club that didn't get relegated before since EPL started?? Now, tell me, which is the best club in England? Pussies.

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