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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia

So here I am. "Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia." I am so damn bored with this stupid fucking slogan. It gets into my nerve sometimes. There are few reasons for me to get bored with this stupid fucking slogan.

1) To all the Menteri-Menteri Besar, The Datoks,The Datins and all those kinda 'high-class' people. This one is for you. You are the people who are encouraging us to buy Malaysian stuffs. But look at you. The cars you drive, they are not Malaysian made. The shoes you wear, they are not BATA. The meals you eat, they aren't roti canai. The mobile phones you use, they aren't the M-Mobile. And you expect us to use Malaysian made stuffs?? God bless you. We can't clap with one hand , can we??

2) The other reason why I am bored with that stupid fucking slogan is because we never will reach the level to use these things. For example, M-Mobile?? What a fucking piece of crap. Who the hell will buy that mobile phone in the 1st place? It doesn't have bluetooth, only in polyphonic tone and the design is shitty. And take a look at the Gen-2 or Kancil. I mean it's good to have our own national car, but make sure it's a car la. These vehicles are more fragile than a Milo tin.

3) The prices of these things are too damn high. It's better we chip in a little bit of extra money and buy better imported stuffs. And some of us will rather buy cheaper imported stuffs. For example, me. I would rather buy a Nokia 3315 rather than the fucking Mawi-Mobile ( that's what i heard it's name is). The price of Nokia 3315 : RM 200.... The price of M-Mobile : Rm 500 +... Somethings in life is priceless, but for everything else, there's Mastercard.

So now we all know why these slogan is so boring and shitty. If you want to sell Malaysian made stuffs, please make sure the quality is worth the money.

~Mawi Mobile my ass... Take a load on this Mawi guy, ladies and gentlemen.. haha~


V|vac|ous said...

No. 3 WAS SO GOOD ! you really know how to make me laugh!!! look forward to more quality postings u hv your own style.

Anonymous said...

hmm... comparing the leader in mobile phones manufacturer with a local startup, hmm.....

el_fuser said...

well malaysia can build the tallest building on earth, send an astronaut to space and others.. and the 1st mobile phone it created is a junk?? the topic is not only about quality.. its about price too.. a cheap better quality imported stuff is my choice rather than expensive fucked up local made.. think about it..

sad said...

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