The Last Supper

The Last Supper

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You see tha powerful got nervous, Cause he refused to be their servant; 'Cause he spit truth, That shook heads and burned like black churches; Prose and verses, A million poor in hearses; Watch tha decision of Dred Scott as it reserves ; So long as tha rope is tight around Mumia's neck ; Let there be no rich white life , we bound to respect ; Cause and effect; Can't ya smell tha smoke in tha breeze??? My panther my brother we are at war until you're free!!!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Movies and music i hate!!


1) X-Men : X-Men is one of the shittiest movies ever. I find the movie boring and ridiculous. All these superhero movies really piss me off. And the best part, Halle Berry is acting as Storm and Cyclops has a girlfriend (i dont know what's her name, must be shitty though) and there is the word 'men' as the title of the movie?? Damn

2) Spiderman: I rather hit the wall with my head than watching Spiderman. Damn i hate the show like hell!! I can't take it when the pussy-faced Peter Parker swings around the city and saves people. I mean, whats the use of the cops and firemen if there is Spiderman?? And they way he's trying to hide his supernatural personality really sucks!! I mean, why hide??

3) Superman: Man Of Stell, my ass!! Superman is a total bullshit. The only thing that can kill him is the stupid green coloured stone named Krypton i think, anyway who cares. And yeah, Superman doesn't know how to dress up!! Really!! He wears his underwear outside!! Damn. Strong but silly.

In few words, i hate Marvel Comics!! Simple as that!!


1) Linkin Park: Linkin Park is the shitties group ever to be established. Their songs have no meaning and it's a total disgrace to the music industry. I hate the guy, the blondie. I think his name is Chester. What a pussy name for a pussy guy. Every Linkin Park fan should be shot. Twice.

2) Jay Sean: "Ladies and gentlemen. Let me proudly present to you the pride of Indian music, Jay Sean!!" If i ever hear that sentence been announced in any radio channel, i will burn the stupid radio station down. Jay Sean is basicly a waste of time, money and energy. His songs makes me want to puke. Damn. Pride of Indian music, my ass!! His songs are so soft to be the pride of indian music. I think he is not he, he is she!! I'll be damn if i hear Jay Sean again on radio.

3) Simple Plan: Noooooo!!! Not another teenage band!! Damn. They are screwing the world nowadays. One of Simple Plan fan,which is my schoolmate, said that Simple Plan's lyrics are very powerful. Ok let me show you people a part of the 'powerful' lyrics.

I woke up it was 7
Waited till 11
just to figure out that no one would call
I think i got a lot of friends but I don't hear from them
What's another night all alone?
When your spending everyday on your own
and here it goes

I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare
I'm just a kid, I know that its not fair
Nobody cares, cause I'm alone and the world is
having more fun than me

Song name: I'm just a kid Album: No pads no helmets just balls

What is so powerful about that lyric up there? He's trying to explain that he doesn't get much attention from his friends at night, and he jus sits there on his bed and cries. Come one!! He's just a kid. Like all the simple plan fans.

~21,988 people bought me Simple Plan's cd and didnt know that i melted the cd to make new cds so that i can copy some other usefull stuffs in it.


December said...

a blog named directly after a RATM song. Great. Used to be my favorite band in 1997,1998, got pissed when they separated. Nice blog, good approach.

Hasta la victoria siempre! :P

el_fuser said...

haha.. exactly.. my favourite too.. heard they are rejoining back... lets keep our fingers crossed..

Anonymous said...

LINKIN PARK ROCKS!!!!!! AND YOU SUCK!!! Chester is an awesome singer!

December said...

Chester is an awesome singer, agreed, but apparently the band is a wrong one. LP sucks. Period.

And when you say they rock, you have no idea about the rock music scene, so i suggest bite a vegetable instead. Poor pussies. Sigh.

sad said...

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