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The Last Supper

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Perfect Wednesday....

THE TREBLE DREAM LIVES ON!!! These were the words written in the nick of one of my msn friends. Sounds more like the terrible dream. Why not? Look at it. They have to play Chelsea for FA Cup, they need help from other premier league teams to at least get 5 points clear in the EPL, and they were TRASHED OUT by AC Milan in Champions League. Thanks to this man :

Gennaro Ivan Gattuso. A massive playbreaker. Ronaldo can't get pass him. Giggs swapped with Ronaldo and even Giggs, for such an experienced player in Europe, can't get pass him. Hey Devils, don't deny the fact that Rooney scored 2 goals against Milan in the 1st leg were only because Gattuso was injured. Gattuso has few middle names. For example, Gennaro Ivan 'Stamina' Gattuso, Gennaro Ivan 'Tackle' Gattuso or Gennaro Ivan ' I-will-bring-Ronaldo-back-down-to-Earth' Gattuso. For such a humble figure in the Italian football to mark Ronaldo so well that Ronaldo's feeling lonely the whole game, proves 1 point. Ronaldo is a massive show off. Ronaldo can buly the smaller team, but can't do jackshit against World Class teams.

Yeah so they were trashed the shit out in Italy, again. Outplayed, outsmarted and outmuscled. So much for the team that has 8 players in the Team of the Year eh?? My balls. I told you people. The votes were fake. Very fake. As my brother Yugendran said, the votes were held in January. So in January, Man Utd were winning every game and sitting on top of the table. So stupid voters will obviously choose Man Utd players. Even Evra.

Yeah so, i messaged my friend ( A so called hardcore red devil). The message was, " At least Arsenal was beaten out, not TRASHED OUT!!" And guess what that pussy replied me? "Arsenal lost to hu???" Lol bitch. This guy never get tired beeing outsmartedby me. So i told him, "League cup man utd lost to hu??? Booo hoooo!! Southend?? Boo hooo". Stupid assholes. Shall i repeat about last season Champions League, where Man Utd were last in the table and didn't even qualify for UEFA CUP?? Can you dig it, sucker???? Hu my arse..

And now, most Man Utd fans messaging me, "We just want you to take care of Chelsea this weekend. The rest, leave to us." What the fuck does that mean? Doesn't that mean that Man Utd really need help to win the league? Serious help?? Why don't beat Chelsea your own? You got a game against them, rite? As i said earlier, you people are lucky to be top. Lucky. Not good. With some lucky results and injuries to Chelsea, you are at the top. Be like Chelsea last 2 seasons. How they left you trailing their arse and made you a fool that you were fighting for 2nd spot at the end of the season. Dumboz.

The commentators. The commentators are fucking racist. I hope you dickheads are reading this. Doesnt matter the national or international commentators. 1st we talk about the international. Fucking rasicst. Fletcher's handball was not on purpose?? Fucking dumb. Rasict fellows cant take it when Milan was pumping 3 goals against an English side. Haha. And the national ones. They are plain STUPID. They know jackshit about football. They don't know Massimo Oddo. They don't know Khakaber Kaladze's nationality. And for sure they might be thinking WAYNE ROONEY IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH! Thats how stupid they are. And the Samveer fellow, is an Arsenal fan?? Oh my god!! Can't even pronounce Gilberto's name?? It's Jilberto, not Gilberto asshole. National tv, please shoot these guys. Or crucify them. I don't care. Just minus the commentary, it'll be perfect.

There were smiles all over the faces of Man Utd supporters when the news of Ferdinand and Vidic are included in the squad. Haha. Both these guys, are better off on the bench. Never seen an amatuer defender doing mistakes like them. Haha. Want to play possession is it?? Haha.

Micheal Carrick. Even a squirrel has same experience in Champions League as him. Carrick is being paid nearly 80,000 pounds per month and the squirrel only eat nuts and fruits. Yet i find the squirrel much better. Okay so you scored 2 goals against a Roma side. Great. Roma's not world class sweety. Milan is.

And credit to liverpool. For their fantastic display against Chelsea. Drogba was feeling lonely like Ronaldo man!! Total class.

Ahh. Puas hati. Yesterday's game was the game of the tournament. And Kaka is to get the World Player without a doubt. And to the Scoucers, no offence, but Milan is strong and i think they can clinch it this season. Never underestimate others. Take care. I'll be back.

~23,344,686 Red Devils cried their sleep out yesterday. So much for the treble at the starting of the season eh, pussies..~

This blog is dedicated to Gennaro Ivan Gattuso.


yugen said...

all the way la brother...

i remember the days when liverpool were labled a one-man-team (steven gerrard) by my friends who are die hard man u fans. where are all those fuckers now la... all cant say shit.

yesterday clearly showed that man u they are no better, if not worse.
they need ronaldo for everything. he doesnt play they will lose. yesterday he was prevented from playing by gattuso, the chances he got to score he screwed it by sending the free kicks into wall.
c'mon la, even man u fans will agree giggs does a better job with free kicks. he at least beats the wall.

the biggest joke is that there are people that were betting that man u will beat chealsea in the final. WTF!!! all wrote off liverpool and milan. bear in mind that liverpool and milan have won 11 euro titles while man u 2 and chelsea 0. wonder how much abromovich has to fork out to buy a place for his team in the final. and mourinho better stop bitching about not getting penalties even when they clearly dont deserve to win, because when his team got the penalties they wasted them big time.

this is the best possible out come for a final. because if anyone wants to watch an all english final they might as well watch fa cup final. not boring ah watch same game twice.

el_fuser said...

hahaha good one brother... i was waiting for u... haha..

ChoCaFeInoHoLiC said...

whatever u say, i still love MU... yada yada yada... muakss MU :P

sad said...

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