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The Last Supper

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

You think you're cool???

Yea i'm back again. And i have more to complain as usual. Well that's just me. To people who don't agree on whatever i write, piss off.

Today's topic is, well the topic is up there. "You think you're cool??" I decided to write about this because i got fucking pissed with people who think that they are cool.

1) People who type certain words cooly. Such as 'tyme' for 'time', 'cum' for 'come', and hell, 'thnks' for 'thanks'. What the heck is wrong with you people? Tyme?? Yo! What's the difference?? The 'y' make you sound cool??? More like a fool to me. Why don't implement proper spelling whenever you type or write?? Spelling is as important to me, as being cool is important to you. God damn kids grow up!! Thnks??? Whats the hurry kids? Why don't just put an 'a' there? Lazy? Stupid.

2) By listening to funky hip hop tunes doesn't make you special. By wearing T-shirts like "Superman" , "Fubu" or "Meet The Fuckers" doesn't mean that you're one in a million. It's just a fucking attire. That's all. No one cares what you wear though. It doesn't matter. Does it mean you have to go party ONLY with baggies and Fubu?? No. Nobody cares about you.

3) The slang part. I have a friend. After got kicked from every colleges he joined ( 4 i think), his father decided to send him to New Zealand. Bad mistake. He forgot what was his nationality, and by staying there for a few weeks, he decided to become a Kiwi. "My friends are making a partayyy, y'all". What the fuck does that mean?? For me, it means that your simply a worthless wannabe. You're born here and bred here. But by spending few weeks in NZ, you think you're white. Damn. Lucky thing your father didn't send you to Zimbabwe.

4) You think you are cool when you have earings and those hanky-panky accessories which are useless?? You wear black rubber bangles ( which i dont know what the fuck for) and when someone asks you to wear our own steel bangle, you turn a deaf ear. Hipocrytes.

5) You might be able to get some chicks in the club by showing off your accessories and ur capability of drinking, but in my view, you aint worth a shit. You don't deserve anything better than a drunk and desperate chick whose looking for one night stand. No, i'm not simply spitting words out, i'm spitting facts and i know quite a bunch of these women. And when you're satisfied, the next month you will be shocked of news that you're infected HIV positive. I heard about few people with that cases. So i conclude here that you're not only not cool, not worth a shit, but you're also stupid. That you don't realise of a creation made from rubber. Assholes. Should have gone back and used your hand right, pricks???

We have alot of people here in Penang, who thinks that i'm acting cool when i went to KL to study. Well i have no say. It's your brain, its your way of thinking. God gave you brains to think, to live and to feed your family. Instead, you're too busy thinking about me. God bless you.

Well since people have been bitching behind my back, i've decided to do the same. Seriously telling, i really don't know why people are talking behind me since i've got expelled from UNITEN. No, wait. Expelled is not a suitable word to be used here. KICKED it is. For these people here, they think that going to KL is like a sin. They will be trying to collect informations about me, about what shits i've been doing in KL, while they can't see their child roaming on the street. And when they got the news that i wasn't doing well, numerous bullshits came up. I wasn't studying, playing the fool bla bla bla. These things are being said by the people who are close to my family. Can't believe it, right?

Anyway i am not going to bother about them anymore. For me, this failure is like a stepping stone for me. Thomas Alva Edison failed 1999 times while creating a lightbulb. But he said, i didnt failed 1999 times, i've found 1999 ways how not to light up the bulb. Thats been my inspiration all the while. And look at him, by failing 1999 times, he created one of the most important things in our life.

I'll be a successful man one day, that's for sure. And i know that you might think i'm proud of myself and stuffs, but then i dare to say that these Butterworth community will follow my lead. One day.

~ The Butterworth community i've mentioned above, are the Punjabi community in Butterworth~


V|vac|ous said...

No Biggie getting kicked from uniten as long as you realise it and buck up. Btw you dont need a degree to get rich who knows u might make more by being a celeb blogger !!! GO SAM !

el_fuser said...

yea... haha.. thats a good idea... do celeb bloggers become rich??

howsurmother? said... really spits some good shit man!

V|vac|ous said...

Yes they do perhaps u can link in some adverts google and also get the butterwoth ppl to advertise on your blog.

sad said...

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